Giambattista Valli Fall 2015 Couture

I have no proper reason for today’s post than a genuine love and admiration for the art of couture and some of the magnificent collections that have been made through the years. And as there was no Throwback Thursday last week, there can definitely be a Monday Magic post and a throwback to Giambattista Valli Fall 2015 Couture. Couture is after all more art than trends, so who cares that the collection is “old” (whatever that means). Folks, this is a magic one!

About Giambattista Valli

Long time readers of The Fashion Folks knows about my admiration for Giambattista Valli and the fashion brand’s design aesthetic. It’s embellished, it’s details, it’s volume and it’s pretty pink clouds (kind of).

Giambattista Valli is an italian fashion designer. Having previously worked for Emanuel Ungaro, he founded his own fashion label in his name in 2005. Since then he’s made ready-to-wear clothes, but expanded to include Haute Couture in 2011. I reviewed Giambattista Fall 2016 Couture here.

Giambattista Valli Fall 2015 Couture

The collection begins rather classic with a range of black, pink and white clothes. With floral patterns and embroideries, the collection embraces natural movement and life. This is further emphasized by the frizzy nature of the fringe and tulle. The vibe of the clothes lies between classic and chic. Some silhouettes are more elegant and other styles are sharp and defined. For most part, the collection mixes a classic palette, but some looks do feature green, coral and yellow. As for accessories, the looks are paired with high heels, mosquito sunglasses as well as oversized earrings.

Thoughts on the collection

As I picked this collection in specific to highlight, I’m, of course, ought to be biased. Somewhere between the slight over dimensions, the “more is more” take on classic features and heavy embellishment, I’m convinced. The combination of fringe and tulle with embroidery is genius. Pants with dresses is normally cringe-worthy, but I love it here. The silhouette is what makes the looks working, all thanks to Valli’s feeling for shape, volume and balance. The monochrome green look is an exception to the collection’s aesthetic, but it works perfectly fine. As some of the floral embroidery is placed as growing branches, the sophisticated tone of pink, nature and classic elevates.

There are however some looks that are not perfectly matched (nor balanced) between color, pattern and shape. But they are soon saved by another genius look. The final looks of the show may be a bit disappointing too. Pairing a simple top with heavy tulle skirts (on cost of missing a working silhouette) is not the best idea (see the first pictures of this post). The looks sort of works though, but an even deeper exploration of the typical Giambattista Valli silhouette would have been even better. Overall though, yes please to this collection any day of the week!

Folks, are you also head over heels over the collection? Do you want to join my life of dreaming? Leave a comment below!

48 thoughts on “Giambattista Valli Fall 2015 Couture

  1. These are wonderful fashion inspo! I just love every detail. I find it unique and fashion forward despite the absence of silhouette. Great post! xx

  2. Wow, some of these are so gorgeous. I get what you are saying about some of them just not working. I am in love with half of them and then not so in love with the other half haha. That’s typically how it works for me though with high fashion. Great write up on this designer!


  3. I love his collection, too, and for all the same reasons you’ve mentioned. You know, I seem to resonate more with Italian designers than all else. I feel it just may be that I connect more with the boldness and the details that are always so beautifully embraced, such is the case with Giambattista Valli. I adore that floral maxi you included in the slide, so pretty, and so is the dress and pant pairing, too! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



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