Gabriela Hearst Spring 2021 – Review

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I wanted to wear these clothes right away when I saw Gabriela Hearst Spring 2021. Don’t get me wrong, leather and knitwear can be worn for spring and summer too, but fall is still the main season for thicker materials. And also, as it’s fall right now, I say yes to all things leather and knitwear. Just love to layer up with leather pants, knitted sweaters and leather jackets. Anyway, Hearst’s SS21 collection was all about the wearable, easy-going, vibe! 

Gabriela Hearst Spring 2021

Leather, knitwear and maxi lengths were certainly the lead words when Hearst and her team put together this collection. Black and white dominated the collection, with some orange and burgundy colored clothing pieces. It had quite a modern, if not futuristic, touch to it with crispy white shirts, defined shoulders and a straight minimalist silhouette. Maybe some looks, especially the patterned/colorful maxi dresses had a subtle 1970s’ Bohemian vibe to them. Longer jackets were also frequent as well as blazers. Except a few looks of stripes, the collection was mainly monochromatic and sans-print. Overall it was a contemporary collection, that’s uncomplicated and easy to like, and easy to wear.

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Thoughts on the Collection

What I like with uncomplicated collections such as Gabriela Hearst Spring 2021, is that they show how fashion can be quite the simple matter. But making fashion simple can be pretty hard. Although a black dress is always a black dress, it got to have that wearability and timelessness to it in order for it to feel like a true LBD. At the same time, it also has to be somewhat memorable if you want to make it iconic. This LBD is definitely capturing the 21st century vibe of what a LBD should look like. I’m also liking this black/white creation. We’ve surely seen similar dresses before, but the leather material and the fitted silhouette is refreshing in combination. 

I definitely see some summer in this dress. Maxi/midi shirt dresses have been trendy for a few seasons and will continue to be so. Such a great styling with matching white sandals. I also love the orange/burgundy shades, as done in this look or in this one. Gorgeous color combination, although I can’t help but to think about fall fashion rather than a summer fashion. Same is true for these dramatic capes. Gorgeous with the well-placed stripes and how it frames the skirt. But, not sure I see it being done for summer. It’s a chic look nevertheless, which is probably more important. As for the more futuristic part of the collection, my favorite is this minimalist, white look. Love the minimalist collar, the button, the slits and the matching sandals. This is minimalist fashion done interesting. 

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Although the minimalist fashion is a big part of the collection, perhaps it’s too big? Some of the maxi dresses have definitely been done before, like this one or this one. It would’ve been fun to see them knitted, in an interesting color or with some cool statement accessories. I can definitely see this dress with a big oversized statement necklace, chunky sandals and a low bun to balance the look. Not to sure about the color scale either as it feels way too dark for spring/summer, but hey, maybe it’s about time we change our minds about that. Bright colors for fall and dark colors for spring? Well, why not! Overall though, a pleasant, nice collection that might not be the most memorable and captivating one — but when fashion is done wearable, simple and just nice, which is a must needed contrast sometimes!

Folks! What are your thoughts on Gabriela Hearst Spring 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Gabriela Hearst Spring 2021 – Review

  1. Hi again Mia,

    I don’t know a lot about Gabriela Hearst’s work, but lately her name is sounding everywhere in the fashion media and I think she is a talent to keep an eye on.

    I see that she’s driving her project by a minimal allure, but the details and the way of making the garments is pretty interesting, specially for the pattern and the clean but unexpected silhouettes.

    As you I really liked that white summer dress with the blazer, the silhouette reminds me a little bit of Balenciaga’s first works and the end of the skirt is magnificent, a piece of art!

    1. I agree with you!The minimalist nature is definitely there but with some nice twists! Xx

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