Five Must See Looks From Pre-Fall 2017

Update: All the comments on this post written on the 24th have disappeared (sigh), sorry about that folks! But I read all of them, even though you won’t be able get a reply! Xx

So the fashion world might not seem like a place of logic at first glance, with collections (generally) being shown between six and twelve months in advance and the continuous feeling that new collections keep on dropping all the time. A quick guide through this; the fashion we’re “wearing” now was shown in September/October last year. The collections dropping now are resort 2018, clothes that will be worn next summer. Also, the couture collections for fall 2017 was in July and I talked about it here. The collections that will be shown in a few weeks are SS18, which is the fashion we’ll wear in a year or so. NOT TO FORGET: the pre-fall collection 2017, that is also something we’re “wearing” atm. Those who can afford that is. Got that clear sort of? Great, I thought we’d bring back some good “old” collections for pre-fall 2017, as they couldn’t be more relevant in August! Here are five must see looks from Pre-Fall 2017!  They’re all quite wearable if you ask me, I tried to find wearable gems at least!

Looks from Pre-Fall 2017

Sonia Rykiel

A word of honesty first: I’m seriously not sure if I’ve spoken about this look before or not? I’ve been in love with it since I saw it first, and it feels like I’ve dissected it already, but can’t a find post of it. Sorry if I repeat myself here, but it’s worth the shot. The modern 17th century fashion in this look is insanely well done with a balance of fashion history and today’s wearability. The elegant lines contrasting the statement shoulders is subtle yet brilliant. Love the buttons and decor framing the neckline. The enhancement of the 17th century is further underlined by the white blouse (?) underneath, hinting by the neck and the wrists. The contrast with the boots is fun and wearable, it also balances the heavy style of the coat by showing some skin. Perhaps not an easy one to recreate by the details, but think a white shirt buttoned and a black coat? There you go!

Courtsey of Sonia Rykiel

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung has always had a nice eye for understanding the work of the silhouette and shape it after bodies. This dress from pre-fall 2017 is no exception. The dress is a perfect balance of elegance and sophistication. The structured top, the defining corset and the fall of the fabric is a chic balance of structure and flow. The pencil skirt has a fun twist with the buttons unbuttoned. The dark navy blue makes the details clearer compared to all black. There’s a vague 1940s style with the midi style and the way the dress is shaped, but in a more elegant style. Not too sure about the styling though with the earrings and that makeup, haven’t decided on the shoes yet. However, wouldn’t mind wearing the dress to a cocktail party any given time!

Courtsey of Prabal Gurung

Emilio Pucci

One can always count on Pucci for bringing the vibrant colors and prints. This yellow set with a distinct floral print might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but ever so fun with the styling. The shoes, where the colors matches the shades of the print, are adorable. Not to forget the pink socks to go with them! The jacket hanging on one shoulder breaks of the continuity in the set with the ruffles. There’s a playful vibe to the exact shade of yellow which would work well with fall colors of navy, burgundy and forest green. Try to recreate this look by matching top and pants and a jacket to break it off. Don’t forget to keep it matchy with the colors though!

Courtsey of Emilio Pucci

Cushnie et Ochs

So this look shall serve as a reminder to us all that a LWD is what we all need. How chic and simple isn’t this midi dress? Love the fun texture of the skirt which adds a twist without going statement. The open back creates a nice balance with fabric/skin. The shoes breaks off the LWD in a chic way, though I hope they’re faux! If you have yet to own a LWD this is the reason why you need it. Or perhaps you have one but want another one? Go with one that makes a subtle statement and you won’t need to style it too much!

Courtsey of Cushnie et Ochs


Folks, do you remember the hype of vinyl? And that the majority of us want it back for fall? Well this look is why. How insanely fun, awkward, chic and ugly aren’t the OTK boots? Such a fun statement to make with the turtleneck dress in the contrasting fabric and great balance of fall elements. Love the earrings that breaks off the color scheme in a favorable way. This outfit may lack fun colors or prints but shows how fall fashion can be done in a fun (and warm) way with the statement of textures. Pretty sure all of us can recreate this with our leather/suede OTK boots and a dress? Right?! I’m stealing it at least!

Folks! Which one of these looks from pre-fall 2017 is your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments!

Courtsey of Ellery

24 thoughts on “Five Must See Looks From Pre-Fall 2017

  1. Such a great review, as always! Those OTK boots are FAB! I’ve actually spotted some that seem to be inspired by these, but they don’t have a closer fit to the leg, they taper out in an awkward way around the thigh or else I would’ve gotten them! I love that yellow Emilio Pucci look, he certainly knows how to do colors and prints in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.


    1. Thank you baaabe! The boots are definitely something, love what a fun statement they make. Boo, that you didn’t get yours. Hope you’ll find a similar pair soon! Xx

    1. Hahah yayy! Love the casual and wearable designs! And Pucci really made it work with the color/print combos. Love! Xx

  2. Oh my goodness! This makes me so excited for upcoming New York Fashion Week! I still can’t believe I’m attending my first! Those patent thigh high boots paired with that black sweater dress is everything! Makes me so excited for upcoming fall clothing. The only reason why I’m okay with seeing summer go =P.

    Rina Samantha

    1. THat’s so exciting babe!! Can’t wait to see your chic outfits you’ll work! Xx

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