11 Festive Beauty Ideas (That Are Easy and Quick)

Emotions folks. There are two kinds of emotions when the holidays are around the corner. 1) “Omg yes Christmas is coming and I’m going to bake, watch movies, feel jolly, listen to Christmas songs, have to buy gifts to everyone…” 2) “Omg no I don’t have time for anything, can we push back Christmas for two weeks or so?” Or a third alternative is that you have some free time, but you’re like me, painfully lazy or painfully bad when it comes to makeup or nail art that goes beyond the basics. So I’ve gathered 11 Festive Beauty Ideas, that are quick and easy to do!

Festive beauty ideas that are quick to do + Christmas beauty inspiration | The Fashion Folks

1. Dot Your Nails

I love dots and Christmas, I’m not sure why though. Perhaps because it feels festive with print for the holidays and dots are a chic way of doing them? The way to do dotted nails is to take your q-tip, dip it in the nail polish and dot it on your nails. I’d preferably do them in red, green, black and white, or a glitter shade. If you want to have a basic layer, do one in a contrasting color. Easy and chic!

2. Add a red ribbon

Hide your hair tie with a red ribbon! I’ve done this a couple of times and I can guarantee that it adds the festive feeling. So instead of showing your old hair tie, do a bow with a red ribbon. Incredibly cute and charming enough for the season! In specific, love when one has a high ponytail and does this. 

3. Glitter makeup

I talked about this in the A-Z beauty ideas but glitter makeup is always fun! It literally adds some sparkle to life and is anything but dull. Do a sparkly eyeliner, a sparkly eyeshadow or even sparkly lips? The limit is your face, truly!

4. Christmas scented lotion/perfume

Cinnamon, saffron, oranges – all these have scents that are commonly associated with Christmas. If you want a more festive feeling, change your lotion or perfume after season. You’ll literally smell Christmas. You can also change your shower gel or just hand soap if you want to keep it simple!

5. Red lips

Know for sure that whenever I’m making one of these lists, I’m ought to write a red lip somewhere. But when are you supposed to work the red lips if not for Christmas? They add the color, they bring the festive joy and they’re perfect for matching makeup and outfit.

6. Glitter nail polish

Another thing I suggested in A-Z beauty ideas was to invest in a matte top coat instead of buying one in every single shade. Well, instead of buying sparkly nail polish in every single shade, buy a glitter top coat. Then you’ll get some shiny and sparkly nails and still have a finale layer to secure.

7. Christmas DIY mask

Cinnamon is not only a heavily smell for the holidays but also a perfect ingredient in a Christmas DIY mask. Mix a tablespoon of organic honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Apply on your face, wait for 15 minutes and wash off! It won’t only feel like Christmas with the cinnamon, but you’ll literally glow afterwards!

8. Festive eyeshadow

A festive eyeshadow is more or less a reflection of my own ideas on going Christmas beauty this season. I’m curious about giving red and green eyeshadows a try (perhaps not the strongest shades). So i’ll just throw it in here as an obvious reminder to add the festive joy by going colorful!

9. Christmas scented candles

There’s nothing like inner beauty, right? Well folks, candles are kind of a must for Christmas! Even though we all might be freaking out over all the stress, the holidays are also the time to relax, breathe and at least try to be peaceful. So get the Christmas scented candles and channel your inner thoughts, aka beauty, whatever, something.

10. Highlighting

If they can sing about Rudolph’s nose being shiny, well, why can’t you be shiny? People are often talking about going glowy in the summer but I can’t think of a better time than during the holidays. Not only because your skin might be looking dull due to weather reasons, but also because everything around you is shiny and sparkly. So add some extra highlighter this year and catch the light gorgeously. Who cares about Rudolph’s shiny nose (I do still care though) when you have glowy cheekbones?

11. Braids

Braids are perhaps not something for the festive season only, but I can’t but help to think that they’re perfect for cozy weather. I don’t know about you, but I think they add something extra! May it be that one looks festive in them or that they’re just charming as they are. But more braids to the people and don’t forget to add that red ribbon!

As you can tell, my awesome 11 festive beauty ideas were mainly about adding glitter, Christmas associated colors and Christmas associated scents. If you’ve ever doubted, I’m obviously very innovative and creative, loool. Folks! Do you have any tips to share? Share in the comments! Xx

66 thoughts on “11 Festive Beauty Ideas (That Are Easy and Quick)

  1. I definitely need to try dotting my nails – I love the idea and I’m sure it’s much simpler than I’m imagining it to be! Red lips are a MUST. Can’t wait!!

  2. aahh soo cool! Thank you for your ideas! I’m in such a christmas mood right now haha
    and yes you are so right about the candles I’m obsessed with christmas scented candles♥
    Selina | selinasinspiration.com

  3. LOL I definitely fall under option number three two. I love all your ideas! A bow instantly makes any look more girlier and red lips and glitter are part of every quintessential holiday look 😉

    I’m also super duper creative (sarcasm) cause I can’t think of anymore ways to make a look festive lol. Oh! Metallics! Metallic nails and accessories are totally holiday appropriate in my book 🙂

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  4. These are all such fabulous ideas, my friend! I love the idea of adding dots to our mani, I haven’t done this in such a long time and seeing the photo you’ve shared reminded me of how chic, yet playful it can be! I also love the idea of adding some touches of glitter to the eyes and I’m all in favor for a red lip! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome festive suggestions with us and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead, gorgeous!



  5. I’m definitely feeling like I need more time to get ready for Christmas!! These are all great ideas to make your look a little more festive. I need to wear red lips more often!

  6. I think at this point it is safe for me to say I don’t need any fashion magazine any more! Your blog is the BOMB! I am really amazed by your knowledge of fashion and style, and I always learn new things and read topics that I have never seen anywhere! Congrats for your great knowledge and originality! I started thinking where I can find a red bow for my ponytail, then I remember I cut my hair, no ponytale haha! What a great idea! Glitter nails and makeup is my go-to for holidays! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more holiday related posts from you! Thank you for the constant inspiration my dear, and have an amazing start to the week!
    Much love,

    1. But woooooah babe, haha keep it calm on the compliments will you? I might get too self-confident if you’re always gonna say lovely things, haha. But thank you doll, your comment made my day! Glitter nails are so chic and so is holiday inspired makeup. Love that the effort is so small when taking a look from regular to holiday! Same to you gorgeous! Xx


  7. The glitter polish made me smile – I’m actually trying to find my glittery metallic polishes so I have a nice one to wear for Christmas, haha! 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend and you shopped up a storm in the sales! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Haha I am def-in-ite-ly ‘type 1’ out of your 3 types when it comes to Christmas 😉 These are all such great ideas, especially tying hair with a red ribbon and opting for festive eyeshadow 🙂


  9. Love your tipps babe !!!

    I’ll go for red lipstick for sure, and maybe some glitter/ highlighter on another day … and of course – red nailpolish! <3

    Have a great week, Love 🙂

    xxx and kisses from Berlin,

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