Fashionable Holiday Ideas 2020

I thought today’s article was going to be a bit different from the usual fashion and beauty articles. As this year has been nothing than normal, I thought we might be in need of some cheering up. Or I don’t know if this is cheering up, but it’s a reminder of things we all can do this holiday season to feel a bit better! Here are some fashionable holiday ideas 2020: 

Holiday Ideas 2020

Read Books

I know it’s so easy to get stuck in front of the computer or the TV, or just with your phone, but please take some time to read this holiday! Yes, I wrote read books in the title, but reading magazines or old diaries or whatever can be a nice break too. What’s so great with books and reading, is that you can literally read about anything you want. There are few things that haven’t been written about, which means that it’s likely that you can read about all your favorite subjects. Maybe it’s about a specific person, maybe it’s about fashion history, maybe about food or maybe about training. Or why not just a classic novel? 

Inspiration Boost

It’s also a great time to boost your inspiration this holiday season. This can be done in several ways, but my favorite way is to get on Pinterest or Youtube. I like the idea of first identifying what you want more of in life. Is it to improve your cooking skills? Watch classic Hollywood movies? Or maybe learn how to crochet? Well, identify what you desire more of in life and find the inspiration for it. Pin inspirational pictures, watch youtube videos or read blog articles on how to do more of it, or how to do it at all! Maybe it’s about improving your style, learning how to bake, running for 1 hour – or just something that makes you more passionate about life. 

Long Walks

Also, so important to go out and get those hours of sunlight! I know there are a lot of restrictions in some parts of the world, but if you can go out – please do! Either if you just walk alone and enjoy the moment or if you put on some good music, a podcast or calling a friend. Get moving! It will feel so much better to curl up on the sofa later. 

Practice Gratitude

Don’t forget to take some time and practice gratitude too. I mean, I think everyone always should practice gratitude, but it’s extra important during the holidays and times like these. Even if you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, try a bit harder. There’s always, always, something to appreciate in your life. It can be anything from how comfy your pillow is, to how good your breakfast was this morning, or how much you laughed at that meme. It might sound ridiculous, but there’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for. And it doesn’t even have to be about you. Be grateful for all the people dedicating their lives to saving lives, send them an extra thank you!

Pampering Session

Self-care is always a good idea if you ask me and if you have the time this holiday, set aside some minutes for a pampering session. It can be something as simple as a leave-in hair conditioner, painting your nails, give yourself a head massage or just a big stretching session. Give yourself those five minutes to do something extra, it will be worth it! And if you have more time than that, how about trying something from this article? 

Folks! What are your best fashionable holiday ideas 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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