Fashion Week September 2020 Highlights – Part 2

Sorry for being quite slow with catching up on all the collections from the fashion weeks back in September, but also quite nice to go through them slowly! I did a first highlight post back here, but thought it’s time for part 2 today. The three looks I’ve picked today are pretty simple, but oh so chic! As they’re quite simple, they’re easy to recreate at home. Here’s part two of the highlights of fashion week September 2020: 

Celine Spring 2021

Celine has always been a brand that knows how to capture the essence of casual fashion, but make it a bit better and a bit more chic. Their spring 2021 collection was no exception, with more or less all their looks being casual chic. The collection centred around simple clothes such as jeans, sneakers, boots, shirts, jackets and t-shirts. One look that reflected this perfectly is the one below. I love the shirt tucked in the mom jeans. I love the contrast of the jeans and the boots. The jacket frames the shirt perfectly, and the black belt reconnects with the boots nicely. What makes this outfit interesting is the cap and the choice of bag. The cap adds the sporty touch and is unexpected with the shirt. I also love that the bag has a nautical vibe with the ropes, also another fun twist. It works well with the navy blue tones in the outfit too! See the rest of the collection here.

Courtsey of Celine

Michael Kors Spring 2021

An outfit that sums up what the last years’ fashion has been looking like, is the one below. It’s the colorful knitted sweater with the diagonal hemline. It’s the rich green silk skirt. It’s the black leather mules with the matching bag. All of this in combination creates a very contemporary and relevant look. I love this look for the matching of the sweater and the skirt. Really nice when two clothes are done in the same color but with different materials. I think this look would work with a pair of chunky sneakers or boots too, but there’s something nice and delicate with the leather mules. Would love to wear an outfit like this with a pair of statement sunnies next year! Have a look at the full collection here.

Courtsey of Michael Kors

Johanna Ortiz Spring 2021

Okey, so this outfit is pretty basic and it’s probably more about the very chic picture itself, than the outfit – but I love this! The black dress is simple with its midi length, squared neckline and slightly emphasized sleeves. I love the neutral makeup and the hairstyling, which centres the attention on the statement necklace. Such a simple, but really fashionable idea to add an oversized necklace to a simple black dress such as this one. I’d love to see this dress with a pair of matching shoes and a bag. It’s also easy to recreate yourself as you take the LBD you have and throw on a necklace. If you don’t own an oversized one, go for bracelets or earrings as the statement instead. The entire collection is a lovely reminder of spring/summer fashion, catch it here. 

Folks! Do you have a favorite of these September 2020 highlights? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

Courtsey of Johanna Ortiz

8 thoughts on “Fashion Week September 2020 Highlights – Part 2

  1. Hey Mia, hope you had a lovely weekend.

    Don’t worry, there’s no rush since you always do an excellent job bringing the highlights of every event and collection, actually you are one of my main sources!

    Not a big fan of Celine by Slimane, but this proposal is kinda appealing for my style and at least he is presenting some different…. The unexpected colors and silhouettes are not the typical I would see in a Kors collection, but this time they managed to surprise 🙂 And I have heard a lot of Johanna Ortiz lately, she is also making many collaborations with brands, so definitely we have to keep an eye on her work!

    Have a good week ahead!


    1. Thank you Pablo, that’s very kind of you! So true that the Kors look is not typical of what he usually does, but so interesting too. And yeah, Johanna Ortiz definitely have big things ahead of her! Xx

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