Fashion Week Highlights Fall 2020 – Part 1

Writing about individual looks from the fashion weeks, is one of my favorite things to do when fashion month has wrapped up. I just love to go through the collections again and find my favorites from different designers and in different styles. There will be one more article on the subject or even two more, but let’s begin with these five gems! Catch more articles from the fashion weeks here.

Highlights Fall 2020 Collections

Stella McCartney – White Coat

I mentioned this coat in this article, but it honestly deserves more attention. I just love the texture, the collar, the length, the silhouette and the brown belt! The style of the coat itself is pretty classic with a vague 1940s influence. What makes the coat pop is the faux fur texture. It makes the  coat more interesting, but doesn’t make it too much of a statement. It of course helps that it’s fairly neutral with the white color. There’s a brown version of this coat, which is also a gem! I’d love to wear this coat with some cognac colored boots and why not a hat? So chic! 

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Fendi – Pearly Pink

This look from Fendi is pretty chic, but what made my heart skip a beat was the perfect pink hue. It’s not too strong, neither too faded, just a genius mix of a pearly white and pink. I love the subtle striped texture of the dress too, gorgeous combination with the semi-shiny material. The puffy sleeves are contributing with the defined cuffs. The buttons are really cute and I love the styling with the darker lips and the satin boots. Such a glam retro statement! 

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Hermès – Perfected Fall

Hermès might have presented one of the best fall outfits I’ve seen in awhile in their FW20 collection. The mix of textures, the layers, the pattern and the brown hues are just so good! I love how the fitted jacket is balancing the structured flow of the midi skirt. The boots are balancing the leather style and brown hues. Love that the brown details of the leather jacket matches the skirt and the turtleneck! Perhaps nerdy styling, but very chic. This outfit shows how you can work pieces that are more typical of spring (fitted jacket and midi skirt) in a fall style! 

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Balenciaga – Statement Shoulders

Who said you can’t make a simple dress more artsy and dramatic? Balenciaga is often finding a fun balance between fashion and art. This dress is no exception with the very sculptural statement shoulders. I love how the sleeves of the dress are hanging down in a pleated style. The defining of the waist adds more structure to the dress and is a good counterpart to the pleated skirt. I love the floral pattern too, not often you see brown floral pattern as it’s quite a 1970s mood, but chic with the dress! Lastly, the sunnies – love the drama they add! 

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Giambattista Valli – Tulle Dream

Working with tulle can seldom go wrong as the fabric itself is a glam, dreamy, statement. This Giambattista Valli dress is definitely an example of it with the lightweight, fluffy, style. I love the dusty ice blue color and the way it frames the legs. Love that it’s also semi-transparent towards the edges. I would probably have chosen another pair of shoes to go with the dress, perhaps in velvet and in the same color as the dress. But overall though, what a lovely tulle dream! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on these highlights fall 2020? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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