Fashion Trends Fall 2020

Note: I know the situation in the world right now is scary and unsure. Fashion is definitely not a priority, but my intention is to try and keep things as normal here as possible. Let it be a nice escape from everything that’s happening right now. With that said though, take your responsibility and follow the official recommendations and/or restrictions in your country. Respect the rules, take care of each other and do what you can to help. 

Folks! It’s time for a sneak peek of the fashion trends fall 2020. I’ve already written about some of the upcoming fashion trends in my articles about the fashion weeks, which you can find here, but thought I’d today give you everything in one article. Fashion fall 2020 is pretty exciting if you ask me, as fashion is making statement elements more wearable. Such as fringe, bold colors, voluminous clothes and so on! I know spring and summer fashion is soon here, but oh boy will it be fun with fall fashion in a few months! 

Fashion Trends Fall 2020
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Fashion Trends Fall 2020


So brown is probably it-color number one this year. We’ve seen a lot of camel and beige the past seasons, so that brown is the next trendy color is quite expected. Brown was done a lot in statement materials, especially as (faux) leather, suede and fur. Knitted pieces in brown was also common as well as brown top to toe. What’s great about brown is that it’s chic with beige and camel, but also pastels and neon. Brown is a must-have color when it comes to the trendy retro fashion too, such as the 1970s or 1960s. 

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Monochromatic Leather

Another big trend this year is the monochromatic leather. Leather is in general a material that returns every year, but is extra trendy fall 2020 (if even possible). What’s different 2020 is that leather should be worn top to toe, preferably in the same color. That means leather boots, leather pants and leather jacket indeed! If you’re curious about exploring the leather trend, beyond the usual leather jacket, I say that you’re safe to invest in a pair of leather boots or leather pants. A great idea is also to go for a LBD in a leather material for a fun twist. By that said though, the most important thing this fall is to layer up the leather! 

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1970s Revival

Although the 1980s and 1990s are still highly present in the fashion world, we’re slowly starting to move towards the 1970s, some 1960s and some 1940s fashion. I might as well have said all decades of the 20th century, but let’s not be that dramatic yet. The 1970s influences were all about the vests, the paisley, the corduroy, fringe and the color brown. Definitely spotted some 70s jeans too, as well as ruffles, midi denim skirts and midi/maxi lengths in general. An important outfit detail is definitely the belt! 

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Warm Shades

Spring is the season for warm colors, but according to the fashion designers, we should work the warm colors for fall too. A lot of orange, pink and red were spotted on the runway. Copper and gold were two other popular shades. I’d say colder shades are popular too, as pastels were a recurrent color on the runway. Baby yellow, pink and purple are also stylish alternatives for the fall fashion but perhaps even more trendy for spring. One item that was common in a warm/cold shade was the knitted cardigan. Bring them back I say! 

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Structured Midi/Maxi Dresses

A more specific trend we’ll be seeing this fall, that we’re in fact are already seeing right now, is the structured maxi dress. I’m talking about dresses with often voluminous sleeves and skirts but fitted over the waist and hips. This style of dress has been common both as maxi and midi. I’d say that white, grey and beige are popular colors but also polka dot pattern and floral pattern. This style of dress might be quite specific, but if you wear dresses a lot in general, it’s definitely something to try. Pair it with high leather boots for a chic effect or sneakers for a more casual look. Another style of dress that is trendy this season is the voluminous mini dress, which is a great alternative if you don’t like the midi/maxi alternatives. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the fall fashion trends 2020? Let me know in the comments below! And as always: stay safe! Xx

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24 thoughts on “Fashion Trends Fall 2020

  1. Hey Mia! You’re doing good by keeping updated your blog with fashion posts, I know fashion is not a priority but it definitely helps us to cheer up and to think about other things that are not the pandemic, it is important to to not only think about the good stuff.
    So thank you thank you a LOT 🙂
    I love to see that big volumes and interesting pattern making is popping up. And before the lockdown I got to see a lot of leather garments in the streets and in the stores, I’d bet leather is going to be a major thing in the upcoming months!
    Keep safe dear!

    1. I’m glad to hear that you agree Pablo! I think it’s great to try and keep life as normal as possible, but of course still follow the recommendations. It feels like leather is everywhere these days, so crazy but so chic! Xx

  2. I am so so intrigiuged by monochromatic leather! I like the idea of it, but definitely dont think that I could even attempt to pull something like that off.

    I hope that you’re staying safe during this coronavirus outbreak, and are feeling well.

    Have a good weekend!

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

    1. Ohhh of course you can! Just work it in black or brown and you have a fairly neutral outfit 😉 Hope everything is well with you too! Xx

  3. I’m right there with you- times are crazy, but I’m trying to provide a little lightness + normalcy with my content.

    I love fall fashion- these trends are going to be so fun to incorporate into my wardrobe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Well yes, I think it’s important to try and keep some things as normal as possible! And yes I know, so many fun fashion trends this fall! Xx

  4. I’m glad that you’re continuing to share your great fashion content–I think we all need to read about something fun these days! I love all those bright warm colors so I’m glad they’ll stick around for fall. Hopefully we’ll all be out and about by then!

    1. Hhahah it’s definitely a piece that suits you!! The color, the volume, the structure – it suits you perfectly! Xx

  5. I’ve always loved the brown hues in fall, I don’t know if it has something to do with the leaves turning their colour. Leather is a fantastic material to make you look stylish and to keep you warm in winter.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. Love brown for fall too! So pretty in combination with leather as well! Xx

    1. Love it too! So chic to stick to one color and make it more interesting with the right accessories! Xx

  6. Yes yes yes, gimme that fall 2020 fashion! You know I’m a summer girl, but fall fashion just can’t be beat. I love the browns, the monochromatic leather, the 70s vibe – I want it all. We are all in need of this inspo during trying times, Mia, so thank you!


    1. Glad to be to any help! So true that fall fashion is entertaining, if not the most! Just love the colors, the materials and all the layering! Xx

    1. So true! It feels like monochromatic leather is going to be everywhere this season! Xx

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