Fashion Trends Fall 2016

But are you ready or what? Sorry not sorry to all of you who are still enjoying the very best of summer, but with fall being a few weeks away, we’re gonna have to track this post down asap! Fashion trends fall 2016? Hello!

Office Wear

A good amount of the world population is returning to the office every fall, but this fall in particular, why not do it on a higher fashion level? Do the old office wear but do it better that is. Pinstripes, pencil skirts and pantsuits are all trending this season. We spotted the office wear at Max Mara (see slideshow), Calvin Klein and J.Crew!

Back to the future 

For a while we genuinely thought we’d be spared the comeback of the 80’s, but just kidding folks, the 80’s fashion is back and it’s back big time! Oversized puffy pieces, one shoulder, shining materials and just over the top of everything. If you want to go all the way, don’t worry, the 80’s makeup is trendy too. Fendi, Saint Laurent (below) and Isabel Marant all took it time traveling!

Velvet Dreaming

We’ve been waiting for velvet to make its way back into business, and after the years of doing silky slip dresses, could we please have a bloom of velvet? The 16th century artistocrats used velvet and so can we! And as we said, velvet is close to the elegance of silk (aka the pajama trend), so don’t be surprised if you see your high street shop filled with luxurious, casual and comfy velvet pieces this fall. Thank you H&M, Rochas and Alberta Ferretti (below)!

Norm defying

We love when fashion goes a bit bonkers. This fall designers have lengthened the sleeves, replaced blazers with hoodies and used awkward color combos like pink and yellow (a “norm no” but a fashion yes). We saw Delpozo (below) doing pink and yellow and Alexander Wang working the hoodies!

Up in the sky

We like the thought of being edgy pilots in an even edgier time. The aviator trend is not dark blue suits and a hat like today’s pilots, but the chic retro ones. We’re talking aviator sunnies, oversized shearling jackets but also the tan colors. We don’t know about you guys but we shall be aiming for the fashion sky this fall with sky fashion. Thank you Lacoste, Vfiles (below) and Michael Kors!

Faux fur

Fur is a major trend this season and the only relevant response to it is to use faux fur. No discussion, no arguments, it’s a fact. But we adore faux fur, we love fluffy statement materials! And dyed fur in green, midnight blue, burgundy and pink are just too chic for the seasons. Faux fur or no fluff at all! We saw Michael Kors and Prabal Gurung (below) doing the faux fur!

Folks, what are your thoughts on the fashion trends fall 2016? Hit us with some yay or nay in the comments!

116 thoughts on “Fashion Trends Fall 2016

  1. I think the only trend I am looking forward to is the velvet one. Office wear is so formal and I don’t really like it and maybe faux fur, I don’t know 🙂 x

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. Such a great trend report! I always get super excited for fall fashion this time of year. Then, after the holidays, I want to just jump right into spring, haha. I was wondering for some time now if the ’80s would make a comeback in trends. Part of me was hoping yes, but a huge part was hoping no, lol. I loved the use of neons and funky prints, but all of them combined together is a no for me, but perhaps selectively incorporating them into a more modern look, I’d be all for. I’m loving that velvet is a trend because I love it and have a couple of pieces, as well as shearling and faux fur. These days, brands are making such great replicas using faux fur, so you can still get that luxe look without wearing actual fur; I love that! Thanks so much for sharing, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to as we approach fall! Have a wonderful day, beauty!



    1. Thank you so much love! Same here, even though it’s august I just want to skip these week and go fall instead haha! Haha I feel your fashion cycle of the year and I second it! Yes, the 80s feels a bit contradictive as it’s lovely with the colors and the vibrant patterns, but that in combo with the oversized clothes is just a bit too much of everything haha. Love velvet and am so happy that it’s back in fashion for real this fall, it’s just so luxurious! They are indeed and that’s definitely the right development of the fur industry, and love that they can play with boundaries too and mix different faux fur as well as colors! Thank you love and same to you! Xx

  3. I’m so glad that velvet is back for Fall, I just love the opulent feel of it

  4. Great post girl! I’m in Australia where it’s winter at the moment. Safe to say, I’ve been loving all the Winter / Fall fashion trends this season. I loveee that pink and yellow coat you’ve talked about – it’s gorgeous!! x


  5. Okay seriously one of my favorite blog posts yet! I always need a little inspo when planning and thinking about the next seasons trends and you have summarize so many in this blog post! I am so happy to hear that amped up office style is in because I work 9-5 in an office and get so easily bored with my work clothes. I will need to invest in some pantsuits and pinstriped outfits the the coming fall!

    xoxo Rina

    1. You’re too lovely Rina, thank you! So glad that you liked it and hope it gives you some ideas! Definitely sounds like you should evaluate your style with some chic work pieces. Hahah the only way to deal with a nine to five is to add some chicness to the fashion life! Love the office trend, feels like it’s about time that office wear get their fair share of fashion fun! Xx

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