Fashion Trends 2016

So for us fashion dorks, the ending of a year (and as a new one is here!) is always a bit extra exciting as you get to have a sneakpeak on the year’s trends. And of course we’ve picked out some good ones for you to love, hate, rate or adore! Fashionzimmerman 2016 trends 2016? Yes!

  • Bedroom Wear
    We’re talking about silk, dove colors and some lace on top of it. This trend has been on for a time now, but 2016 is a leading one. The trend gets its extra touch by contrasting it with heavier materials such as denim, suede and knitted material.
  • Floral Romantic
    “Florals? For Spring? Ground breaking.” – Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada 2006). Okey folks, we have to agree with Priestly here, but yes flowers in different shapes and patterns are back. So dress as the nature shows!
  • Sparkles
    It feels like it’s the only thing we’ve been talking about in December but the fashion gods are with us on this one. Go out and get some sparkly items for hellessy 2016this year (or why not dig up something lovely from the 90’s?)
  • Off-Shoulder
    So we went from tank tops to spaghetti stripes and this year the off-shoulder items are the fashionable way to go. So embrace your collarbones and show some skin this season!
  • Flamenco
    Perhaps the most unwearable but interesting trend yet. This year it’s the flirting with the flamenco vibes that’s the stylish way to-go. And even though dramatic colors, patterns, materials and shapes might seem a bit too much for the everyday life – we love this! Go for the red and black if you want a basic version of it (Hello Les Mis fans! #redandblack #enjolraslife)
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