Fashion Trend: Culottes

So we have a perfect pick for you this summer, the trendy and madly chic culottes! The fashionable pants are definitely worthy of the spotlight this week and kind of for the rest of the summer too…



What is culottes

The culottes are not a new clothing piece, but have been worn in different shapes throughout the history. The pants are defined by their knee- or calf-length and have been used, mostly by men, both during the 18th and 19th century. The culottes women wore was mainly underpants to wear under their wide skirts. The pants today however, are mostly calf-length and are quite wide with a resemblance to skirts. Kind of like the pants version of skirts, that is!


When To Wear The Culottes

The pants are both comfy and chic which qualifies them for most occasions. They are both great for informal wear at home, a day out and about and also for a day in the office! As they are both a perfect piece for patterns and colors, the options are endless when choosing the pants for their purpose. A pair of classic, navy blue, culottes are great for more formal wear whilst a pair with a crazy pattern (perhaps a tropical one?) are great for a day off! As you are careful when choosing colors and patterns normally for different occasions, so should you be with the culottes!


How To Style The Culottes

The pants, as we mentioned above, are great as they come in various styles. When pulling off the culottes there are mainly two things you should think about. The first one is the silhouette of your outfit. As the pants are wide you might want to go for a narrow top, but as you don’t want the outfit to be too heavy by the calves of your legs, you might want to go for a narrow top that gets wider downwards. You also want to be specific with your shoes and pick a pair of shoes that’s simple. With that said, a pair of shoes with an elegant heel or a pair of ballerina. Sneakers can also give a nice contrast, but be sure that the pants and the shoes won’t out do eachother!


126 thoughts on “Fashion Trend: Culottes

    1. Oh no, you don’t have to have you length on your side! If you try to pair them with heels or with longer tops you’ll create an illusion of you being longer than what you are! Don’t be afraid to try! Xx

    1. The only way to know what really works is to try it! A good tip is also to begin to wear them in an environment your comfortable with, and after you’ve gotten used to them you can move onto wearing them whenever you feel like it! Xx

  1. I love your styling tip of wearing culottes with trainers – that’s a look that often seems to look very stylish when styled well. Have a lovely week!

  2. I am so obsessed with culottes! Great post, I love the blue topshop ones! I have to try it! I like your blog by the way, let me know if you want to follow each other! x

    1. Perhaps a pair of sneakers with a heel will do the trick? The sneakers really adds a bit of an edge which gives such a nice contrast! But heels do make ’em flattering if you need the extra length! Xx

    1. The H&M culottes are great! Heels definitely helps if you need to add length, another genius tips is to wear a top that ends in the middle of your thighs. A long top and a pair of heels will make you look really tall! Xx

  3. I love wearing them during the summers. They are quiet airy, looks stylish and quiet comfortable with thin piece of cloth. They are great combinations with tees and tops.

  4. Very nice tips! I love culottes and I wear jeans culottes most time, but I like all types of those pants. I think, every woman looks gorgeous with this fashion piece and it only depends on matching it with the right pair of shoes and the right top.

    1. It’s definitely a great piece and flattering whatever your body type is! It’s all about knowing how to play with the details and the top, and you’ll get away with wearing them even though many people consider them a piece for long and slender people! Xx

    1. If you know how to style the culottes and know how to keep the length in your outfit, the culottes are a great addition to your wardrobe! One tip is to play with stripes and also long tops. This will make the outfit look longer! Xx

    1. They are really comfortable to wear so even though you might be unsure to wear them in public, they are so good just to have for your leisure! And when you’ve gotten used to wearing them at home, you’ll perhaps find courage to wear them in public with something chic?! Xx

  5. Such a great post, girlie! I love how sophisticated and chic culottes look, always creating a polished element to any outfit, while exuding effortless cool vibes! I love the ones you’ve shared here from Topshop, the color and pleats are so pretty and trendy for the season! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



  6. I’ve never been brave enough to try them but they do look gorgeous! Might have to give them a go!

    Love LC

    1. Heels are definitely a good way to style them if you need to give your outfit length! Matching with a longer top will also add length to your outfit and gives you the chance to go for sandals also! Xx

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