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You know how the saying goes, fashion trends comes and go but the basics never so (or something like that, we kind of just invented that actually). And the lovely part about it, is that the basics are what you can build your wardrobe and style upon. So what are some of the fashion staples of a fashionista?

Maxi Dress

Since the late 00’s the maxi dress have been a staple in every fashionistas wardrobe. They are the perfect go-to fashion staplespiece as they don’t require too much styling. They’re also rather comfy, easy to variate and comes in endless of different patterns, styles and colors. And on top of all the great qualities, it’s a perfect piece for looking effortlessly chic.  The maxi dress is simply a perfect fashion staple!

Buttoned-Up Shirt

If you’re ever in need of looking preppy, proper and peachy the buttoned up shirt will be your friend in need. You’re both giving a serious impression and a fashionable one. The buttoned-up shirts are appropriate for work, fine events or a chic after work. Nothing states business and seriousness as the shirt and it works terrific with whatever bottom part you prefer. Go peplum, 70’s or culottes and the shirt will be there for your chicness!

Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans have been around for a couple of years now, but unlike many other denim trends this one has a lasting spot in the wardrobes of the fashionistas. Not only is the model keen on being paired with all kinds of tops, blouses or jackets, it’s also one that works with whatever shoes you prefer. Heels, sneakers, boots or thigh highs are all lovely combos to go with the skinnies. The jeans style is also flattering as high waist and turns the piece into a chic statement that’s perfect to croc tops, off shoulders or comfy layering.

Folks, what are some of your favorite fashion staples?

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66 thoughts on “Fashion Staples

  1. I agree on all your staples, but i would also add court shoes maybe. So the look can be completed 🙂 I absolutely love maxi dresses and can’t imagine my wardrobe without a couple of them. When it comes to jeans, I don’t wear jeans very often, but I understand it’s a must-have for many-many girls out there x

  2. I have a huge thing for maxi dresses. Like you said they’re comfortable, easy to variate and look effortless chic. My absolute favourite fashion staple!

  3. I 100% agree with these basics. Skinny jeans and a button down will NEVER go out of style. They’re such great classics. I love the look of maxi dresses on others but have the hardest time getting one to fit me right. I agree that they’re the perfect go-to option, if only I could find one that fits!

    1. They’re lovely indeed and with them in your wardrobe you can play around with so many different styles. Both of the pieces are a great base for preppy, boho, casual or any style you prefer! Perhaps try one that’s more midi dress if you can’t get the length to work, or one that’s more flowy in its style! Xx

  4. I couldn’t agree more with the pieces you’ve mentioned here! I love maxi dresses and skinny jeans especially! The maxi is so easy and creates an entire ensemble with little to no effort, all that’s needed is some accessories to finish off the look and you’re good to go! I also love skinny jeans for the reasons you’ve mentioned, they really do pair well with every kind of shoe, making them so practical! I’d have to say my favorite wardrobe staple would have to be a leather jacket, I love them and have a number of different styles and colors, but I always turn to black when in doubt! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great day! PS: I love that little jingle you came up with, I have to remember that!



    1. The maxi dress is effortless indeed and takes you from zero to fashion within the seconds. And yes, of course, the leather jacket is a basic one indeed. Will have to include it in the next post haha! They’re so good with both the skinny jeans, buttoned up skirt and the maxi dress and works whenever to. Brings edge to the outfit as well and outbalances the preppy outfits! Hahah do so love, it might be a new fashion quote haha! Xx

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