Fashion Inspiration Winter 2019: Outfit Details

Sometimes it’s Tuesday and all you need is some fun, high level, fashion inspiration. I love to get all nerdy and excited over outfit details and always go way too crazy on Pinterest. But it’s something uncomplicated and beautiful with the art of styling details. From matching colors, clashing prints and making the different textures pop. That’s why I love close-up on outfit details as it allows a detailed study of the outfit and the key ideas behind it. So why not bright up this Tuesday with some fashion inspiration winter 2019? Yes, I think so indeed!

Fashion Inspiration Winter 2019

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Fashion Inspiration Winter 2019

Pastel Dream

In honor of spring starting in a few weeks – how lovely isn’t this pastel dream? The combination of mint green and a soft pink has always been a favorite of mine. Very 50s retro perhaps but done in a contemporary style here with the texture of the dress and the structured bag. Shows how chic it can be to match the bag with the outfit and create a contrast within the match as the materials opposes. I think that trying a mint green and soft pink duo is a great way of embracing the upcoming season!

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Leo Match

I know I’ve published this look before and talked about the print mix, but kind of too good not to bring up again. The gold in the pants, the camel in the leo and the jacket are all quite similar which creates a cohesive appearance. The print of the pants is pretty neutral too which also is the case for the leopard print, so the “clash” is quite wearable. I think this outfit demonstrates that adding an accessory with a print elevates the outfit in a simple way. Imagine if the bag was just simple black, it wouldn’t have the same “it-effect”. So folks, add the print!

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Denim Life

This outfit is pretty good for that spring mood too. The denim jacket is a piece most of us probably own as it’s neutral yet a bit edgy. Pairing it with a red dress is a great idea as denim enhances the red intensity. I love that the print has some blue in it which is also stressed by the denim jacket but also because of the blue bag. This outfit shows how sticking to the same color (blue) for different parts of the outfit creates a nice and neat look. Also, yes to bringing out the denim jacket!

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Matchy Match

You know that the magic number for colors in one outfit is three, right? It doesn’t necessarily needs to be done in this outfit where it’s very matchy, but it can be a good number to stick too if you’re unsure. This matchy look of green, black and white is both playful and refined. The choice of clashing the dress with the socks is pretty genius, both regarding different styles and colors. The open shoes obviously lets the socks be visible but also ticks off the trend of pairing the two. A very simple way to look more contemporary. I also love the bag with its different style. Adds to the playfulness of the outfit!

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Monochromatic Mood

Lastly! A very simple fashion hack is to choose your  bag in the same color as your outfit. This creates a monochromatic look which is always reliable as it’s easy to style and easy to work. I love though that the look doesn’t get boring as the print of the bag adds some energy and makes the outfit more interesting. Also love the gold details of the jewelries which correlates nicely to the gold in the bag.

Folks! Which one of these looks from the fashion inspiration winter 2019 is your favorite? Anyone to copy right away? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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28 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration Winter 2019: Outfit Details

  1. These are all such fun ideas that hint at spring, yay! I’ve been wearing a lot of blush lately and hope to incorporate more pastels as we get closer to spring. I also love that the denim jacket is still going strong. I love mine!

    1. Hahah that’s great though!! I think you indeed should try that. Perhaps a mint green or a blush? Xx

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