Fashion Ideas To Try 2019

Let’s continue to prep for 2019 with an article on some fashion ideas to try 2019! Some are more of a challenge than others, but what they all have in common is that they encourage style development. I talked about pushing one’s fashion boundaries as a part of the fashion resolutions 2019! And as with anything you want to get done, why not start right away? Here’s five fashion ideas 2019:

Fashion Ideas 2019

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Fashion Ideas 2019

Try More Volume

Volume is one of the key elements in fashion in general and 2019 it’s all about the spacious, grande and oversized style. Much thanks to the 1980s fashion that is still influencing fashion and have done for the past two years. Adding volume to your outfit can be anything from going for the shoulder pads, oversized blouses, long cardigans, blanket scarves or pleated pieces. The trend is simply about adding more volume to your outfit regardless of what clothing pieces or details you focus on. Clothing pieces, preferably blouses and dresses, sans waistline have been quite popular in 2018 and will continue being so this year. Just dare to go voluminous! Sounds rather cozy is you ask me.

High Boots With Midi Style

A stylish way of dealing with winter and being able to work your midi dresses/skirts to let your high boots function as tights. The boots will more or less keep your legs warmer and also add a nice contrast to your dress with the material (often leather/suede). This will inevitably give your look another intensity as the contrast will be a good statement. Choose a midi piece in a nice print or color to further emphasize on the statement!

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Add a Third Print

I know two prints might sound like crazy enough of a challenge, that’s why three prints are even more fun. Going for three prints in one outfit is actually a lot easier than what it sounds. The key is to choose two prints that are similar to each other and let the third one be the wild card. When I say that the prints should be similar I mean both in colors and style. Perhaps two blue floral prints with a leopard one? Or two different polka dot patterns with one in stripes? Another way you can make this easier is to choose the two similar prints for clothes and let the contrasting one be done as a bag, scarf or even shoes. That way the statement won’t be as heavy and it will be a good start to work yourself up to an even more bold fashion!

Contrast Light and Heavy

A lot of great outfits are often subject of contrasting materials. A lighter one with a heavier. For example, denim is chic to do with sheer blouses. Faux fur is nice with anything silk. This duo of a light and heavy material gives a great dynamic to any outfit as it includes two opposing parts. It keeps the look interesting and is also a great alternative for a transitional period between seasons. The lighter material hints about warmer days ahead/behind and the heavier materials keeps you warm. My favorite is probably a light tulle with either faux leather/patent leather. It’s a twist on a timeless look if you go for black pants in faux leather and a white tulle blouse. Add some red and it’s done!

Try This Year’s Color

If you want to try something this year that’s specifically related to 2019, why not try this year’s color? Pantone announced coral as the color of the year and it’s indeed a very warm, yet challenging color to pull off. I’d say that it’s a more intense and “happy” dusty pink if you want an indication of what other shades you can pair it with. Grey, a pale beige, white, red and navy blue are some shades I’d like to try with coral. I’ll get back to this in a specific article soon though!

Folks! What are your some fashion ideas 2019 that you will try? Let me know in the comments! X

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18 thoughts on “Fashion Ideas To Try 2019

    1. It will be so fun to play with volume this year! Such an awkward but refreshing style! Xx

  1. I love that coral is the colour of the year as I have a coral bag I’m going to try make more of an effort to wear! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

    Happy New Year! Hope that the first week of 2019 is off to a great start for you and you are having a nice weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I LOVE these suggestions. I’m so excited for 2019 trends, especially all of the print mixing and volume. I love seeing dramatic looks like that! I hope 2019 is off to a wonderful start!

    1. I’m so excited about playing more with volume, it’ll be such a fun fashion year! Xx

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