Fashion Goals 2020: Reminder

In the beginning of the year I wrote about some fashion resolutions. These resolutions were not to be seen as strict rules to follow, but more like inspiration on how one can improve the fashion life. As it’s 1st of September today, I think it’s quite the good time to bring these fashion goals back and see how we can keep on improving this fall! 

Goals 2020

Style More

My first suggestion was to style more this year. Simply by making the most out of your clothes and your wardrobe, you’ll likely decrease the desire for shopping. Learning how to style more will also improve your creativity and imagination. In this article you can learn some styling tips for 2020 and here’s a full hashtag on the subject.

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Sustainable Shopping

Another suggestion was to embrace sustainable shopping. Either second hand or shop eco-friendly pieces. Now this is a tricky one as green fashion often is more expensive (not second hand though), but often times the quality is better and you can wear the clothes for year if you take care of them properly. I think sustainable shopping also can be about “shopping your own wardrobe” (aka use clothes you haven’t worn in a long time) and swapping clothes with friends.

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Plan in Advance

Planning your outfits in advance goes hand in hand with styling more. When you have some time to plan your outfits, you’ll likely have some time to style more. Planning in advance will also pave way for more foolproof outfits, as you’ll have the time to try the clothes before working them. Read more here about planning in advance.

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Dress Ugly

This one is undoubtedly the most entertaining resolution. Dressing ugly is about being creative and playful with fashion. It’s actually quite trendy right now to layer your outfits in different colors, patterns and textures (thank you 80s/90s life!). This doesn’t have to be as terrifying as it sounds, but can be done by just adding another clothing piece that’s contrasting. A colorful blazer to a colorful top, a pattern to another pattern and so on. Here’s a terrific article on some fun fashion details you can add to make your outfit more ugly!

Folks! Did you have any fashion goals 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Fashion Goals 2020: Reminder

  1. Hello Mia,

    Your proposals are the best because they inspire me to keep trying new stuff and they remind me why I love fashion. I think I have to dare more with my looks and try new stuff, specially in this weird year where I truly discovered that I want to risk more! And in the end fashion is all about playing and trying new stuff, sometimes we take it so seriously!

    And as you I’m trying to reach more sustainable fashion purchases! Actually I wrote about that in my recent post, let me know if you find some ideas to apply in your fashion consumption!


    1. That’s great to hear Pablo! Taking more fashion risks is a great way of being more creative in general and discovering what you like. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with. I’ll have a look, love your thoughtful posts! Xx

  2. These are all such great reminders and nudges to explore and ignite creativity! Whenever I do have a moment to myself, which is very rare btw (lol) one of my favorite things to do is open my closet and just stare. I like to take in the different textures, prints and colors and think of what I can do that I’ve haven’t done already. It really is a good feeling when you see the endless ways you can style or have already styled pieces you’ve had for years! I do notice that green fashion is more costly. I’ve come across some pieces I’ve loved at Whole Foods that are costly, so I’ll wait for a sale to hit. Happy September, friend!


    1. That’s great Jalisa, haha I can definitely relate! Love the feeling of finding a new way of styling a piece you’ve had for five years, and make it look new and interesting again. Yes, green fashion is unfortunately more pricey, but great idea to wait for the sales! Xx

  3. Love these resolutions and they’re still going strong- I love experimenting with pieces in my closet that I haven’t worn together before. It helps me stay more sustainable AND encourages me to step outside the box!

    Le Stylo Rouge

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