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Except summarizing the year by best posts, it’s also fun to do a proper recap on the fashion and beauty of 2016. What did we wear, what did we look like and what will we remember.? Here are some thoughts on the fashion and beauty 2016!

Fashion and beauty trends 2016 + fashion inspiration | The Fashion Folks

Fashion of 2016

So this was the year where fashion embraced new trends to the fullest. Off shoulder pieces went big, most commonly as tops/blouses but also as dresses. The trend was paired with statement sleeves, and created a contemporary look. The top was often paired with distressed jeans and loafers. If you’re a true fashionista you probably also went for a statement bag, like a Chanel or a Chloé. Velvet became huge and was praised for its luxurious appearance. I also gave it a proper dose of love in this post. Culottes were also major and shared the popularity spot with the midi skirt, preferably pleated. Denim jackets and bomber jackets with patches also grew in popularity!

As for shoes and accessories. Boots with “an awkward” heel have been popular. Often in velvet, a floral pattern or a fun statement heel, like transparent. The OTK boots delivered this year too and it feels like it ought to be a permanent “trend” soon. Refined training shoes became even bigger during 2016. Often in faded colors such as beige, dusty pink, mauve and olive green. Regarding the accessories, a bandana around the neck was popular. This in combination with the explosion of the choker made the neck the favorite body part to highlight. Speaking of colors, pink got a proper dose of love and so did burgundy and beige.

Beauty of 2016

As for the beauty life of 2016, eyebrows on fleek still went high. Both painted eyebrows, as in this, and natural eyebrows, as in this, kept its popularity. Mattified lips in colors of mauve, red and pink (and different shades of it), have been a go-to choice for many makeup people. By all right too, a mattified lip is chic! It also feels like highlighters/bronzers/shimmer all peaked this year, with a healthy glow in focus.

All of us with long hair probably did a – bun up, hair down – hairstyle at least once. Other than that, braids in all different shapes were popular and a classic bun is never out of style. Doing a bun with a bandana scarf was quite popular and a chic statement too!

Folks that’s a wrap on some of the fashion and beauty 2016. What will you remember from 2016 regarding the fashion and beauty department? Xx

48 thoughts on “Fashion and Beauty 2016

  1. Happy New Year, my darling! I hope that 2017 is a fab year for you, and I can’t wait to see what Fashion Folks has in store for us – so excited! This is a fab summary of 2016’s beauty and fashion trends. I feel like 2016 was a pretty bumpy year for a lot of people, but it was definitely a great year for fashion, beauty and blogging in general! I do quite like the fashion trends of 2016, although I never identified myself with many of the beauty trends… I am forever unable to achieve eyebrows on fleek, and I’ve never been very good at contouring and highlighting, because my skin is so oily and therefore providing me with a permanent highlight, lol. 😀 But I do like the matte lip trends, and I’ve been enjoying a lot of mauve shades myself. Thanks for sharing this, lovely! I hope you’re well. 🙂 <3 xoxo


    1. Thank you so much love for your support. I’m so happy we’ve connected this year babe. Hahah but a permanent highlighter sounds amazing though haha. A little bit of oil can be good sometimes. And the matte lips have been amazing. I’m obsessed with a red one atm. Have a lovely start to 2017 babe! Xx

  2. Those boots are so stunning!! Have a Happy New Year!
    Adi xx

  3. There were definitely some amazing trends this year like velvet, off the shoulder, chokers, etc. I also loved all the options we had with booties like you described from velvet to embroidery. But I could not get behind the completely clear ankle boots. No one needs to see my whole foot haha! Happy New Years babe!

    xx Yasmin

  4. I’ve really loved the fashion trends of 2016, especially chokers and statement sleeves – preferable worn together! 😉 I’ve loved reading all of your informational posts throughout the year, and looking forward to more in 2017!!

  5. Absolutely loved this one! Basically all of the trends in a nutshell. Chokers and off-shoulder tops were my favorite go-to fashion pieces, definitely not forgetting these xx

  6. Such an awesome summary of all of this year’s hottest fashion and beauty trends! Shoulders, necks, and sleeves definitely had a MAJOR moment this year. I actually feel that nearly all the trends we saw debuted on runways were all practical and unique, which is why they took off so much. I’m really excited to see what trends will be huge this upcoming year, though I have some guesses!

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year, beautiful, and I wish you and The Fashion Folks much success this 2017! May everything you set out to accomplish come into fruition! It’s been an absolute pleasure stopping by and reading up on the latest trends and history of fashion, I’ve learned so much! Cheers to a fabulous start to 2017!



    1. That’s a great analysis. The trends that have exploded this past year have all been distinct and worked perfectly for so many different styles. And thank you love for the kind words, same goes back to you. I know you and The Style Contour will slay in 2017 as well! Xx

  7. Oh yes, love your overviews – almost forgot about Culottes now that summer is so far away 😀 hahahaha I think my favorite trends were also off-shoulder pieces, stan smith sneakers and bomber jackets..and now also the fishnet socks 😀

    Have a great parfty tomorrow evening babe & happy New years eve ♥

    1. Hahha I had actually also forgotten about them, it feels like it was ages ago they were popular! And fishnet socks have been a fun trend huh? Hahah, I haven’t embraced it myself but I’ve been loving the inspo pics so far! Xx

  8. I really loved the off shoulder trend and full embraced it this year! I’m still wearing it into the fall and winter months. The dress I may wear for New Years is OTS. I also really loved the ruffle trend too but I didn’t pick up too many pieces with this style. Can’t believe it’s 2017 next week already! The Year flew by!

    xoxo Rina

  9. Oooh, I hope bandannas around the neck and culottes stick around for awhile. I haven’t had enough of those. I’m honestly a little tired of chokers at this point though. I’m probably the only one lol. I can’t wait to see what trends come along next year!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

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