Fall Color Palette of 2016

It’s something fragile with fall, isn’t it? Not the obvious “the leaves are falling”, but also a practical meaning of starting something new. Or always knowing that fall comes with colorful leaves, sweaters, darkness, tea and an endless amount of coziness. Every year, fall returns with the same thing in store and every year we are as excited. If there’s one thing in specific we’re excited about, it’s the yearly return of fall colors. Here’s our fall color palette of 2016:


Why you should dress in the fall color palette

Well, it’s not a question of should or shouldn’t. But the thing with colors is that they come with association and different colors have different association. The fall colors we’re talking about do all have a connection to fall. And dressing in colors that are typical for fall obviously gets one the right fall fashion vibe. Also, these colors are favorable to work together, which gives a gorgeous color palette to pull off.

The regular fall color palette

We mentioned some of the fall colors in our post on the perfect makeup look for fall 2016. And to be honest, the colors we talked about works for the fashion life too. We’d say that one of the main characteristics of the these colors  are their matte intensity. As they all are bold in the tone, they are not intense by being popping but intense in a depth-going way (making sense as always here!). The colors are quite matte, and have a subtle reference to the colors of nature one finds for fall. We’re of course talking about burned orange, midnight blue, wine red, emerald green, mustard yellow and burgundy! And kind of grey, but is grey ever out of season? No, we’d pick it too!

Classic Fall Color Palette

The trendy fall color palette

As always though, there are some colors that joins the regular ones. For this fall in specific the ultimate color combo is pink and yellow! We’d also add metallics this season as a fun addition to the regular colors. A copper top in combo with emerald green and we’re too happy! Another fun color to do for fall is red, as red often is more popping, the color will underline the best of the tones. Red and midnight blue might give the nautical vibe and red with burgundy might sound awkward but is a lovely color combo.


How to match the fall colors

As stated, we love to do the fall colors with one another. In fact, even though they work with both black and white, they come off as their best when they’re matched with one another. Burgundy and mustard yellow, burned orange and midnight blue, emerald green and grey. Or any way you’d want them. The fall colors are sort of fool-proof when it comes to matching with one another as they all work together, hence the matching. So begin by just trying!

Folks, what is your fall color palette to work for 2016? Leave us a comment!
And folks? Have the best of Sundays! Xx

Fall Color Palette Fall 2016 | The Fashion Folks

78 thoughts on “Fall Color Palette of 2016

  1. This was a perfect read. Breaking apart the expected from trendy colors is super helpful for anyone trying to decide if they want investment pieces or fast fashion! Really loving all these smart guides you’re posting!

  2. What an informative guide!! Personally, I gravitate towards navy/burgundy colours all year round, and don’t really change up my wardrobe depending on the season. Having said that, I think that the autumn colour palette is my favourite, it’s so warm and cosy, and I’m loving the idea of a pink/yellow combo! x x


  3. I love how you’ve described the anticipation that comes with this new season – it’s an exciting time of year, for sure. And yes, also because of the new, warm colour palette!! 🙂


  4. This was so interesting. As someone that had a whole semester of studying the science of color combination I know it is really important to know how to do it. I also think in order to be able to break the rules (and be inovative) you should first know them.

    denisday.org | Beauty & Plus Size Fashion

    1. That’s so true! I often talk about rules but try to encourage people to break them too. If one is uncertain about colors though, having a few guidelines to follow is hopefully helpful! And sounds like so much fun to study color combination! Xx


  5. You always have the most useful posts! I’ve been seeing mustard yellow and burgundy everywhere, but have wondered what other colors were going to be “in” this year because I can not wear mustard yellow to save my life. Maybe I can find a cute mustard yellow bag to pair with pink?

    1. Aww, thank you babe! They’ve been everywhere haven’t they? So gorgeous to do with one another! A bag in mustard yellow sounds really chic, perhaps find a hat, belt or scarf if you want to explore the options? But yes, to pairing it with pink nevertheless! Xx


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