Fall 2020 Highlights – Part 2

Folks! How about some more fall 2020 highlights? Last week I talked about some of my favorite looks from the FW20 collections and why I enjoyed the looks. Today, I’d like to continue chatting about some fashionable looks and what makes them stand out. Perhaps it’s not realistic to recreate these looks, but I hope it still can be inspiring and interesting. Read more about the fashion weeks here.

Fall 2020 Highlights

Saint Laurent

Whilst many designers are slowly moving away from the 1980s, Saint Laurent showed us all why we shouldn’t leave the decade yet. With statement patent leather, bow blouses, blazers, gold earrings and belts, the french label embraced a glam yuppie ideal. One of my favorite looks is this baby blue blazer with matching blouse and patent leather. The blue shade feels sophisticated and innocent, whilst the fitted tights are a terrific statement! The contrast between the silk (?) blouse and the patent leather is fierce. I love the elegant heels too, they softens the look.  If you want to try something like this yourself, you can swap the patent leather for a pair of black jeans! 

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Tom Ford

If you’ve ever wondered how you can create a disco look in a casual way – this look is for you. The pink/purple sequin skirt is such a perfect match with the pink top. The semi-rolled up sleeves gives a more casual and laid-back impression. What really makes this monochromatic gem stand out though, are the oversized earrings. They underline the glam style of the look, but also makes it more interesting with the style. The skirt and the top are both fairly neutral in their shape, whilst the earrings are a good statement. What to learn from this look? Try and pair your glam sequin skirt with a neutral, simple, top! And hey, don’t forget the statement earrings!

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I never say no to some Victorian, gothic, romanticism. This transparent tulle dream from Rodarte embodies all of the above. I love the structured sleeves and the skirt. It’s a terrific match with the transparent fabric and the details of glitter. I do have to say though that what makes this look extra interesting is the styling. Love the bright blue shoes, the head piece and the baby blue belt. It complements the more dove blue shade of the fabric. And not to forget, the dark lips are genius! 

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Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson seems to gradually cement her place in the fashion world. In her latest collections, she’s found a favorable balance of a wearable bohemian style and a romantic feminine style with influences of a folklore fashion. This looks reflects all of the recurring themes in Johnson’s aesthetic. The pattern of the dress is folklore, the maxi style and the chunky boots are bohemian and the colors makes it wearable. Why I wanted to highlight this look in specific, is because of the belt. This corset belt is what makes the look interesting. It stresses the brown shades in the outfit but it also adds structure to the dress. With its oversized look it also makes the outfit more dynamic. Ulla Johnson succesfully used statement belts like this in her collection, presenting them in a wearable and likable way. 

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Alexander McQueen

Lastly, what’s fashion week without Alexander McQueen? This British label is the true definition of wearable gothic, with some elements of historicism and romanticism. This white dress with the leather belt/corset is so chic on so many levels. The crispy white color and dramatic A-line of the dress is a favorable combination. The sleeves and the skirt adds volume and space. The leather belt/corset defines the dress. The best part though are the OTK leather boots. They’re adding another level of intensity to the outfit. As they’re black though and sans details, they’re pretty neutral. 

Folks! Do you have a favorite from these fall 2020 highlights? Let’s discuss in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “Fall 2020 Highlights – Part 2

  1. Hey Mia! Hope you’re doing great!
    Thanks for keeping us updated with the upcoming fashion trends, I feel like this FW season got a little bit eclipsed for all the madness around the virus, right? It arrived just in the Milan and Paris week so I feel like many highlights got lost during these days, so thanks for bringing up the report!
    I love that Saint Laurent is keeping its vibe but adding a touch of bright color and McQueen is risking, but the core of the brand is always there!
    Take care and nice article!

    1. So true! This fashion month went a bit crazy! I’m glad you like these highlights! Xx

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