Fake Freckles

Fake freckles? Yes folks, to everyone who are not blessed with natural freckles, fake freckles are the way to do it! Some folks have  permanents, some get it in the summer and others never gets them. Freckles are, to many, associated with summer and natural beauty and we couldn’t agree more! And as it do happens to be quite stylish (and trendy atm), we  think it’s an excellent time to give a small guide on how to do the fake freckles in the easiest way possible.

  1. Take your eyebrow pencil

  2. Start dotting on freckles on your cheeks and nose. OBS, be very very light on the hand.

  3. Be sure to make some smaller and some a bit bigger

  4. To erase any hard lines or severe color changes take a clean brush and brush softly over the freckles.

  5. And there you go!


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