Exfoliating Your Skin

You know how the saying goes: Out with the old and in with the new. And as the season changes, we believe this is applicable for your skin as well. Folks? It’s all about exfoliating your skin!

What is exfoliating your skin?

As the winter months tend to be hard on your skin, it’s nice to exfoliate your skin a bit more thoroughly than usually. Exfolitating your skin means removing the top Exfoliating Your Skin1layer of dead skin cells and leave room for the skin underneath. By peeling your skin, you are also “cleaning it up” which in a way decreases the risk for pimples and other blemishes. The removal of dead skin cells also gives new life to your skin and gives it better oxygenation.

Exfoliating your skin comes in many different forms. From finished products out in the market, to brushes, to DIY products or shower gloves. There is even two types of peeling, the mechanical peeling and the chemical, where the latter focuses on acids doing the job. The mechanical is removing dead skin cells by literally wiping them away and is most common to use as you can do it yourself (although you can use products with acids at home as well). And as we love when we can incorperate routines in our daily lives we’ll dig a little deeper on the mechanical peeling! Folks? Here are the 4 ways you can do it!

4 ways to exfoliate your skin

  • Using Products: There is an overload with body and facial scrubs out on the market. For a mechanical exfoliation, pick one with a grainy consistency. For a chemical, choose one with aha-acids. If you want to peel your face, be sure that you pick a scrub that’s gentle towards the face’s gentle skin.
  • Using A Brush: Using a brush is the rougher version and most suitable for your thighs where the skin is thick. If you want to use a brush for the whole body, be gentle on the hand and be sure to apply a good moisturizer afterwards!
  • DIY Scrub: We love the DIY scrub as they’re both cheap, natural and easy to variate. We’ll get back on this on later, but as for now, be sure to have a good mix of texture and moisturizer. Texture can be salt, sugar or oats and moisturizing can be coconut oil, avocado or honey. Check out our two DIY masks here!
  • Shower Gloves: A great alternative to brushes. Shower gloves are keener to the skin but still quite good. They’re also easy to use, and in combination with a good scrub they give a great outcome. They might not be as effective as a brush, but works perfect if your skin is sensitive!

Folks, what are your best tips for exfoliating your skin?

Exfoliating Your Skin

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  1. Nice post! I always use Garnier and Lush products for exfoliating my skin 🙂
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