Everything You Need To Know About Fashion Weeks 2016

We’ve already talked about everything you need to know about fashion weeks in general, but how about the fashion weeks 2016 in specific? Well, we’ve got it covered!

Basic facts about the fashion weeks 2016

If you’re uncertain about the circus of fashion weeks, get yourself updated from this post. Otherwise, here we go:

  • The fashion weeks kicks off in New York on the 8th of September and ends with Paris with last day being October 5th.
  • It’s the fashion for spring and summer 2017 that is shown, with the short being SS17.
  • Some designers stream their shows live so be sure to check if your favorite does too!
  • If you want instant news about a show, check Twitter and Instagram under the specific hashtag for the fashion week or the designer showing (that is: nyfw/lfw/mfw/pfw). 
  • For all the dates and times you want to know, www.fashionweekonline.com is a good source.
  • If you want to see the collections from the shows, vogue.com’s runway site will be your friend. They also feature detailed reviews from fashion critics which is always interesting! 
  • Some think that street style and backstage are equally as fun to see, you’ll see these photos at models, photographers, designers and fashion journalists Instagram accounts/blogs! 
  • And of course, bloggers will give you the inside look too ! Make sure that you’re updated with yours!

What to expect from the weeks:

NYFW (September 8 – 15) – Modern, edgy and sophisticated

New York fashion week often brings shows that are youthful, modern and edgy. Alexander Wang in specific brings modern fashion with an edge. NY also delivers more sophisticated shows like Calvin Klein, DKNY and Michael Kors but always with the modern twist. The big apple is also favorable for young american designers who are making they’re way, like Prabal Gurung. 


LFW (September 16 – 20) – Playful, deep and classic

London fashion week displays everything from classic designs from Burberry, to playful designs a la Mary Katrantzou. Burberry somewhat embodies the modern english person as well as Mulberry. Topshop Unique often brings more playful and youthful shows.


MFW (September 21 – 27) – Elegant, attitude and independent

Milan fashion is a mix of  love for women, the heritage of italian design and the fierceness of going against the rules. Versace represents the attitude with a love for darker fashion. Dolce & Gabbana romanticize the idea of an italian woman through elegance and Armani is bringing independent and classic italian! 


PFW (September 27 – Oct.5) – New and old contrasts

Paris has for centuries been the fashion capital of the world, this meaning that the city has one foot in the fashion future and one in the fashion past. Paris displays classic designs from Dior and Chanel and modern creations from Acne and Cholé. In center is the contrast between old going modern and modern remaining classic.

Folks! Are you excited for fashion weeks 2016? Hit us in the comments!

fashion weeks 2016

155 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Fashion Weeks 2016

  1. I got a little bit of anxiety reading this! While I LOVE fashion week, it’s SUCH a busy time and my schedule always seems to burst at the seams. I always get super anxious about how I’m going to allocate my time and whether I’ll get sleep.

    That said, over the past few seasons I really started loving the street style and backstage coverage a lot more than seeing the shows. Like you mentioned, the shows are mostly streamed live now, so it’s possible to see the details and all the looks much better than if you were at the runway show itself! I actually did a few reviews several seasons back just off of the live streaming coverage. It was amazing! I was able to write and watch at the same time. Highly recommended. ;p

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  2. I don’t honestly follow any fashion trends, but still enjoy watching fashion weeks if one happens to be on. 🙂 Some of the outfits are so interesting, probs not something you’d wear everyday but deffo great to look at! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, hun. <3


  3. One day, I’ll attend Fashion Week – until then, I’ll get my fix from blogs and YouTube 😉 Great post, these look like so much fun!


    1. Thank you love! Every week doesn’t have a specific theme, but it’s more like the designers displaying the collections have different styles they tend to do. Mostly due to their origin of design, like italian does “typical” italian fashion! Xx


  4. Man, I would DIE to go to a fashion week one year. I was there for London’s a few years ago but I was merely just ‘there’ lol. Would love to get inside and see some stuff! Siiiiigh. Thanks for posting this. I love checking out the hashtags every year and seeing all my favorite bloggers. 🙂

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

  5. Very interesting and useful post, as usual!
    My fav fashion weeks are Milan and Paris! 😀

  6. This was a really helpful post. I enjoy seeing some of the collections from the various fashion weeks, but it can get overwhelming! Thanks for laying it all out there and helping me keep it straight!

  7. Such a great and informative post (as always!). You really addressed all the specifics of the season and included such great tips and resources, like the Vogue runway site! I’m pretty excited about what trends we’ll be seeing hit the runways, can’t believe we’re only a couple of weeks away! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  8. Oh thank you for this summary – so helpful!! Would love to go the Fashion Weeks everywhere – got my fingers crossed for the future 😀


  9. It’s always been a dream of mine to go to fashion week and every year during this week…my schedule is maddening and I can never attend the shows!! xo, biana –BlovedBoston

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