Etro Fall 2022 – Review

Folks! It feels like it’s been forever since I last reviewed a more Bohemian collection. And when’s a better time to do it than right now, when the 70s are making their comeback? Etro is a classic Italian brand that has stayed true to the more Bohemian 70s fashion since… well, the Bohemian fashion first emerged in the 70s. Well anyway, here’s a review. Find NYFW here and LFW here. Have a look at the full collection here.

Etro Fall 2022

Etro fall 2022 was full of prints, textures and colors. A lot of focus on orange, red, green and yellow; all in a retro hue. The prints consisted of paisley, patchwork and leopard. A lot of print mixing made the collection more energetic, but also fringe, sequins and knitwear contributed to that vibe. Belts framed a lot of looks in a casual way, and hobo bags added to the Bohemian style. Suede boots, typical of the 70s fashion, were also frequently used. The silhouette was a bit chunky, with over-dimensioned jackets being popular. A few statement jackets, that definitely can be popular on the streets, were presented in the collection. This one is an example, as well as this one. Overall a very classic Etro collection, that in its Etro context, feels pretty timeless.

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I always think it’s fun to see what Etro is up to. Mainly because Etro is seldom up to anything new, but stays true to the 70s fashion, and have done that for years. Of course, it can be boring that it’s a predictable brand, but because the aesthetic of Etro is so different from other Italian designers, it’s a favorable contrast. You can always count on Etro to bring a mix of Bohemian styles and 70s’ glam influences. A lot of other Italian brands focuses on clean silhouettes, minimalist styling and subtle prints. In other words, the contrast is big. With the comeback of the 70s, I’m sure a lot of people will find this Italian brand inspirational and stylish. Personally I think this collection is good, although it’s a bit all over the place. It’s quite bound to its context too, and the individual clothing pieces probably work best when styled in this 70s way. This means, if you’re a bigger fan of classic Chanel or Armani, you might have a harder time finding more timeless pieces that translates to your style. 

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I enjoy the looks that have a lot of orange in them. The specific orange adds a lot of energy and life to the Bohemian style. For instance, this colorful set is a gem. I think this jacket is a cozy statement too, stylish with matching boots though it’s not too wearable, perhaps. The more glam, jet set, style is also chic. The turquoise works really well with the sequins and fringe. I’d love to wear this look for a glam party. Similar looks exists in red wine too, such as this one. One of my favorite looks of the collection however, is this very casual sweater and pants look. Perhaps I adore this one because I’m in a “knitted sweater and patterned pants” mood. I love it with the Bohemian boots too. Another very 70s look is also this one. The quilted denim skirt is a gem. I think it can be a big fashion statement. One thing that’s already trendy is the knitted dress, and this one works well here too. Just look at this gem! Also love this look, that jacket is stylish.

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As for parts of the collection that didn’t work as well, I think the collection would’ve been better if it would include more wearable, timeless, looks. Instead of crop tops or cutout dresses, or distressed clothes in general, just pairing patterned pants with a more wearable top could’ve made a difference. For instance, this look could’ve been better with a wine red top. This t-shirt would have been better sans the cropped style, or done as plain white. I also would’ve loved a more prominent mix of the casual style and the glam one. Also, more influences of current trends would’ve made the collection more relevant. For instance, what would happen if the collection would include more bubblegum pink, pea green and lavender? Blouses with statement sleeves could be nice with the patterned pants. I think silk skirts also would work with the chunky jackets as well as the boots. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Etro Fall 2022? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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