Erdem Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Folks! I’m taking a break from the digital life this week. I’ll be back with the regular blog schedule (mon-fri) from September 3rd. There’ll be a lot from the fashion weeks in September, but also articles on the fall fashion, beauty trends AND a new series on the fashion history (I know!!!). Have a lovely week folks!  /Mia, Xx

As we’re nearing towards the end of August and the beginning of September, it’s only natural that the longing after fashionable fall days is growing stronger. I want dramatic colors, melancholic prints and soft silhouettes. The British label Erdem is capturing THAT fall vibe in their pre-fall 2018 collection with their dresses, florals and metallic colors. Here’s some stylish looks to be inspired by:

Erdem Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Dark Florals

First of all, how stylish isn’t this set of florals? The dark style, and the rather neutral florals, creates a really wearable outfit which gives off a nice and structured fall style.  The belt helps to enhance the waist, which creates a favourable silhouette. The white turtleneck picks up the bright colors in the floral print which lights up the outfit a bit. I think this outfit shows that you can wear florals top to toe and still stay rather subtle about it, just choose a neutral print and stay easy on the accessories. Also, stylish to try adding a belt to your monochromatic fall look!

Erdem Pre-Fall 2018

Maxi Metallics

I love how wearable the metallics in these two outfits are. Going for them in colors of copper and navy makes them more wearable and thereby easier to style in a neutral context. I think both of these skirts would be fun to match with chunky sweaters, or some white, off-white blouses. The turtleneck style of the tops helps with the silhouette and shows how chic it is with the midi length. I’m not a fan of the pairing of the shoes and the socks, it could work in the context, but the choice of shoes are a bit off!

Erdem Pre-Fall 2018

Berry Blue

Perhaps these three outfits are the subject of the group attractiveness effect, but I can’t help but think that they all look so stylish. The coat/dress (?) to the left is gorgeous with the semi-structured sleeves and playful print. Feels like a nice mix of something contemporary and vintage. The dress in the middle demonstrates how stylish the result of several prints in one can be. Also, really nerdy, but see how well the flowy florals are favorably contrasted by the more harsh stripes in the print? Really really stylish! As for the third look, the modern 1980s look of the dress is magnificent. Love the blue hue, the oversized bow and the unpretentious print. The only problem I have with all of these dresses is that they’re really detailed which unfortunately often means that you can’t play around with the styling too much! What you see is kind of what you get, for better or worse!

Erdem Pre-Fall 2018

Trendy Trench

Lastly, would this even be a fall fashion post if it didn’t include a trench coat? Probably not. The classic clothing piece kind of looks the same year after year. This coat has a few different elements that I think are for the better. First, the belt of the coat is really chic. It’s subtle, but it adds a nice balance to the silhouette. Secondly, the embroidery is really romantic. Love the choice of colors as it looks timeless, yet very fall-ish! I think, if you’re going to choose a trench coat, find one with details that will make it interesting and also suit your style better!

Folks! Do you have a favorite from this Erdem pre-fall 2018 collection? Let me know in the comments! Xx

Erdem Pre-Fall 2018All pictures belongs to Erdem ©

52 thoughts on “Erdem Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

  1. I love that Erdem has taken a media impulse after the collaboration with H&M, now I see the brand a little more risky and I love that they are incorporating new textures and fabrics to the typical prints that are already an identifiable badge 😀

  2. I hope you enjoyed your break, girl! I know it feels so good to just live in the moment and when it comes to summer, enjoy those last few weeks of just soaking up the sun. I look forward to your posts and I’m pretty excited about the fashion history posts! You know how much I love those and it’s been a while, so I really can’t wait to see what you’ll share. As for this collection, I especially love the moody feel of the darker florals and OMG those metallics! Never have I ever admired metallic pieces as much as I do with those two looks, wow, simply gorgeous!



  3. Hope you have a lovely break, hun! Well-deserved, you are one of the most hard-working bloggers I know. <3 Will miss you lots! Looking forward to the new series on fashion history, too. Also, I love the look of this collection. There is something quite nostalgic about it! Thanks for sharing, beaut. <3 xoxo


    1. Aww thank you babe!! I had a lovely break, very much needed indeed! And yes, I hope you’ll like the new series! Xx

  4. The shades of blue were so unexpected and yet done SO well. I’m forever in awe of Erdem and once again I’m completely smitten haha. Thanks so much for sharing these visuals Mia, I’m in a dreamland right now! Completely agree with you about that trench coat, wow… x

  5. I hope you have a lovely break from digital life! Those are SO IMPORTANT to take every no and again. I am loving this collection, especially those dark florals. So moody and romantic!

  6. Ooh that embroidered trench is gorgeous! I also love a nice dark floral. Enjoy your digital break–you need those sometimes!! 🙂

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