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Summer is upon us which means vacation and travelling to many. Even though the airport fashion of today is not defined by a specific label it was different back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Back then, the  fashionable jet set life was associated with one Emilio Pucci.

Story of Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci (1914 – 1992) was an italian fashion designer, memeber of an old aristocracy family in Florance, a pilot and a sports athlete. He was from a young age active in several sports, stretching from swimming to tennis and skiing. This in combination with his talent for design led to his own creations of sportswear, mainly for himself and his friends. In the 1950’s he started his own fashion house and his signum became patterns and vibrant colors in combo. Through the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar he got his big break, and celebrities such as Jackie Onassis, Twiggy, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor loved his designs. The legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe is actually buried in her favorite green Pucci dress.

Core of style

As mentioned, Pucci was a fan of lively patterns and crazy colors. His fashion pieces followed the silhouette of the body and gave a contemporary look. This in combo with his love for sportswear gave fashion pieces that were practical, fashionable and comfortable. He withdrew inspiration from the Mediterranean and the laidback style of his creations pleased the jet set elite. The patterns and colors were also perfect for the fashion of the jet setters travelling destinations. 

Emilio Pucci Today

The fashion brand today is still going strong, and considered to be one of the bigger and most influential fashion houses. The designs follows the original aesthetic of Emilio Puccis design with comfortable, practical and vibrant fashion pieces. The crazy colors might not be in center any longer, but the patterns certainly are. The 1960’s/1970’s vibe is still going strong and accentuated by the style of the clothes as well as the accessories. The man behind the creations today is creative director Massimo Giorgetti.

66 thoughts on “Emilio Pucci

  1. I knew this name but in this very special moment I couldn’t remember why, but now I know and I’m sure I’ll look after more because clothes from photos in this post are stunning 🙂

  2. It’s great to hear more about this brand and to read the background story – I’ve long admired the vibrant colours and patterns of Emilio Pucci; a great example of excess working really well and with a luxurious outcome 🙂


  3. Pucci was one of the first designers I loved as a teen because the prints were all so bright and cheery. I didn’t know a lot of the history about Emilio and the house. Fascinating!

  4. Pucci prints are always so colorful and fun! I didn’t know anything about his history though, so thanks for sharing!

  5. What a wonderful post! I didn’t know that Emilio Pucci was first an athlete before venturing into fashion and design! I love how he tied the two together, creating practical, comfortable pieces that also looked beautiful! This legendary brand is one that I identify with and appreciate, since I love all things colorful and patterned! Thanks so much for sharing, such a great read!



    1. It’s lovely indeed, and so brilliant to match to of his biggest interest and passions with one another and create an innovative outcome! And knew you’d love it, you pull of vibrant colors and patterns so well! Xx


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