Dior Spring 2021 Couture Collection

If you haven’t had a look at Dior Spring 2021 Couture Collection yet, you should asap! The dreamy, royal, Renaissance collection underlines the idea of couture as an aesthetic storyteller. The colors, the fabrics, the silhouette, the details and the setting are all contributing to telling the story of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance era and Italian history. Have a look here for the full collection, I’ve picked out some highlights below. 

Dior Spring 2021 Couture

Majestic Florals

This first look of the collection is gorgeous. I’m crushing big time on the floral pattern in combination with the flowy fabric and the voluminous sleeves. The color scale of white and a nature green is favorable and definitely captures the summer dream. Also, it’s such a royal and empowering silhouette. It definitely reminds me of Grazia Chiuri’s time at Valentino, where oversized, maxi, dresses were kind of a speciality! Anyway, I love the simple styling with the pearl headband and matching earrings. Although the dress doesn’t need more glam, the accessories enhances the luxurious feeling. 

Courtesy of Christian Dior | Photo: Elina Kechicheva

Refined Pink

Okey, but how lovely isn’t this pale dusty pink dress? The interaction between the sheer shirt and the brocade (?) fabric is gorgeous. Love the high-waist á la the Middle Ages and the corset-like framing of the bust. The subtle A-line silhouette gives the outfit a more distinct presence, and the white hemline adds some action. The gold shoes and the matching clutch are a perfect color match with the pale dusty pink. Much alike the first look, the pearl headband and matching earrings are adding a regal vibe. 

Courtesy of Christian Dior | Photo: Elina Kechicheva

Heavy Gold

One of my favorite looks from the collection is this gold dress. I mean, how innovative and captivating isn’t it? Adore the heavy fabric and the rich gold color. So clever to add the semi-turtleneck and balance the diagonal sleeves. What obviously makes this dress interesting are the mythical motives. It’s kind of impossible to see a lobster on a dress without thinking about Elsa Schiaparelli and 1937 dress. Must say though that this is a very glam update with gold, tarot cards and pearls!

Folks! Do you have a favorite from these Dior Spring 2021 Couture looks? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

Courtesy of Christian Dior | Photo: Elina Kechicheva

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    1. So true! I love how artsy and mysterious they are. And I know, the last dress is perfection! Xx

    1. I’m happy you like it! It’s such a dream indeed with the royal vibe. Gorgeous!!! Xx

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