Dior Fall 2018 Couture Collection

Folks! What’s a better way to start the week if not to catch up on some of the couture collections for fall 2018? The couture week in Paris wrapped up last week so I thought we could enjoy it here by a review or two. First out is Dior Fall 2018 Couture! (Catch the full collection here).

Dior Fall 2018 Couture

If you wonder what a neutral, likable, collection looks like – Dior fall 2018 couture collection is a pretty good reflection. It’s a statement of neutrality from several point of views. Regarding colors, the main shades are black, beige and navy blue (all neutral). The accessories are few, the details of the outfits as well and the prints used are innocent. Overall this collection feels like a demonstration of modern vintage, with a romanticization of the post-war fashion of the 1940s. The same fashion that gave the brand Dior its iconic and immortal status. You have the blazer and skirts combination, the focus on the silhouette, the clean elegance and simple evening gowns. The collection is a declaration of less is more and elegance is the most prominent accessory.

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Thoughts on the collection

As already stated, the collection is likable. It’s neutral to its core which also means that Grazia Chiuri hasn’t played around too much with new combinations and exploring fashion’s more artsy sides. I know some people, including myself, appreciate when fashion brands dare to explore fashion as an art subject, especially regarding couture, whilst others like it when it’s centered around tailoring. The latter is more accurate for this collection, as the fitting of the clothes and the thorough silhouettes are what’s been perfected.

I like the post-war 1940s fashion and it’s hard not to when it has this simplified “Parisian chic”-vibe all over it. This creation is a lovely example of this with the beige beret and the heavy cape. I also think this look shows it perfectly and this one too with the marked waist and navy blue shade. Not to mention, olive green is a great color for more refined looks, which this creation demonstrates (and this one). I also enjoy the pearly shades these dresses comes with  and all the pale tulle creations.

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The problem with a likable collection though is that it’s difficult to point out looks that aren’t done well. This mainly goes back to the idea of the collection being more general and wide in “what’s acceptable”. So a lot of the looks are nice, but not more or less. If I were to point out some looks that are more boring though, I think the layering of this and this cape aren’t done in a favorable manner. This dress is pretty but forgettable and same goes for the last looks of the collection. To me, the final looks should be spectacular in one way or another but all of these are rather…safe? Dull? Boring? Or everything at the same time?


Overall though, it’s an enjoyable collection with some gems but also quite forgettable in general. It follows the footsteps of Dior quite nicely though, and also the direction of  style Grazia Chiuri has paved. It’s beautiful, elegant, refined, stylish, wearable and likable. BUT it’s also a couture collection, I want it pushed to the edges. More contrasts, more unexpected elements and something that makes it a collection to remember. If anything, the irony lies within the fact that I will probably remember this collection for being forgettable!


Folks! What are your thoughts on Dior fall 2018 couture collection? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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18 thoughts on “Dior Fall 2018 Couture Collection

  1. I didn’t dislike it but I felt like something missing in this collection, I didn’t see the surprise factor and since Maria Grazia took command of Dior there were high and lows across the way. I had the opportunity to see her creations at the Dior exhibition in Paris last summer and I really saw the contrast between previous Dior creative directors and her, but she’s good, she just need to add that extra touch in my opinion 🙂
    Best and such a good post as usual, Mia! 🙂

    1. Yes I saw that exhibition too! Her style was definitiely more toned down in a neutral way compared to the others. But that might change, who knows! Xx

    1. haha yes, the struggle of the balance: wearability or fashion statements?! Xx

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