Different Liners

Every now and then we all need some mixing up in our lives, whether it is change of routines, a new look or even something as simple as changing a detail. And perhaps this one is the most subtil of them all, but believe it or not folks, sometimes a change of how you do your eyeliner is all it takes for a different look! So if you’re like the most of us, you’re probably stuck in the same good ol’ eyeliner everytime you do it. But changing it from a long one to a catliner or a pointy one actually changes how your eyes will come off, and that if something changes your look. Even if it’s just a simple detail, it’s a change that makes a difference!

So we’ve piled it down to some different liners for you to try out and be inspired by. When it comes to liners, it’s easy to get lost when deciding on thickness, length and where to start and where to end.
Folks? Here are our different liners!

  • Pin-Up: This one is long and follows the eyelid all the way and ends with a stroke a bit out from the eye!
  • Plain: The plain eyeliner is exactly as it sounds like, it starts in the inner eye corner and ends in the outer corner and that’s all there is to it.
  • Cat Eyeliner: Follows the lid but ends with a peak upwards by the eye corner. A slightly bit thicker than the liner over the eyelid.
  • Winehouse: This one is named after Amy Winehouse and is a long thick stroke over the eyelid that continues as long as you’d like (more or less). It’s a bit thinner in the beginning, and grows thicker along the eye.

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