Dear Denim Jacket

Folks, let’s begin August by highlighting the best piece of denim that might exist. The denim jacket. Yes, if you’ve been a kid of the 80’s, 90’s or 00’s (or just have been alive), we’re pretty sure that you’ve worn the denim jacket at least once or twice (or everyday) in your life.

Life of the denim jacket

Even though the denim jacket feels rather timeless, its story goes back to the late 19th century. Well-known denim brand Levi’s designed the first denim jacket, and with a proper breakthrough to the mainstream in the 50’s, it’s been a classic ever since. Hollywood icons James Dean and Marilyn Monroe are two denim jacketfamous faces that worked the piece during the decade. Denim would become a symbol for the new youth fashion and is still to this date more associated with attitude and edge rather than preppy and done. Even though the lines between styles gets less visible.

The wardrobe hero of our time

The awesomeness of the piece is invaluable today. Denim jackets are both easy to style, brings roughness and works during both fall and summer. The denim jacket is one of those pieces that adapts themselves after the curring trend. The late 00’s saw a lot of tight, defined and short denim jackets and fast-rewinding to present time, it’s a mix of retro 70’s and grungy 90’s denim jackets. It’s the wardrobe hero of our time (or kind of the chameleon).

Ways to work it

So what to do you with a denim jacket? Or what don’t you do is a more appropriate question. You pair it with feminine dresses, with high-waisted jeans, with more denim, with a maxi dress, with some colors, with a bold pattern etc etc. You just add the piece wherever you want some edge. With the selection out on the fashion market today, you can find a denim jacket that suits you and your personal style. If you want to level up your game, why not go 90’s bold and buy a trendy jeans jacket with patches? We like those you know (see below).

Folks, the dear denim jacket is a dearly denim piece of ours!


97 thoughts on “Dear Denim Jacket

  1. You know, I’ve had a denim jacket all through growing up and well into my 20s. Then, for some odd reason, the denim jacket was nowhere to be found in my closet. I regret donating my vintage jacket now, but it’s so hard fitting an extensive wardrobe into a tiny NYC closet!

    Now I’m on a hunt for a similar piece. 🙂

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. Haha I hate too when clothes just disappear, but for some reason they always seem too! I have a blue sweater somewher that was the definition of perfection but one day it was just gone haha. Crying Dying. However, I hear the struggle! But a denim jacket is one of those pieces that easily can pull an outfit together, so I hope that you’ll find one you’ll love! Xx

  2. Such a great article! I’ve had this denim jacket I got on sale a couple of years ago at GAP and for some reason, I haven’t worn it as much as I would like. I definitely need to change that, especially with fall right around the corner! I’m loving the ’90s styles with the patches, so fun and a great way to express oneself! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



  3. Great post! I love denim jackets. 🙂

    By the way, I really love your header and I followed you on Google+

    I wish you a great day

  4. I live in my denim jacket in spring and fall! It’s such a classic piece. My denim jacket is a very classic style to help it survive the test of time!

  5. I liked denim jackets on others, but I haven’t really worn one myself since I was a teenager. 🙂
    Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  6. I haven’t worn a denim jacket since my teenage years, I don’t think they suit me now but they look amazing on other people! I hope they’re around for the next few decades, too 🙂

  7. I LOVE my jean jacket–I’ve had it for years and never get tired of wearing it. I didn’t know the first one was from Levi’s, although I’m not surprised.

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