Daily Hacks For Better Skin

We know, life is hectic. It’s far more hectic than we can copy with and something often has to be compromised, and that is often our routines. In specific, our skin routines. How realistic is it to wash, moisturize, exfoliate, use serums, moisturize, wash, cleanse, exfoliate (nah, now we just annoy you), several times a week? If you’re one of those that respect your skin in the form of a routine, we adore you. But to everyone else, there are changes you can make in your  life for a better skin! Folks? These are our daily hacks for better skin!

Daily Hacks For Better Skin

Change Your Sheets

Your face touches your bed sheets several hours a day, so yes, yes you do want to keep it clean. Even though it might not look dirty (or feel dirty, yikes), they are full of bacterias and dead skin cells. How often one should change is debated, but twice a month is suggested, if not once a week!

Hands Off

There are no proper statistics on how many times a person touches their face during a day, but there are many, way too many. Everything from itching to fixing makeup and just touching without even thinking about it. Now let’s be logical. You use your hands for everything, putting on your shoes, opening doors, cooking food, shaking hands etc. And do you really want the bacterias transferred to the delicate skin of your face? Probably not. Now we’re not saying that you should never touch your face, as it is inevitable, but be aware of it at least.

Hydrate More

We know, everyone talks about it and everyone gives it as an advice. But the skin is the body’s biggest organ. We need water, our organs needs water and our skin needs water. That’s it. Don’t only drink to the meals, drink water through the day to stay hydrated. Your skin will be preeeettty happy about it. Invest in a chic water bottle to carry with if you’re having a hard time remembering. Exfoliating Your Skin (2)

Know Your Go-To

This is dependent on your skin type, but what does it usually need during a day? Does it get dry and needs moisturizing? Does it get greasy and needs a blotting paper? Knowing what your skin needs gives you an opportunity to provide it. You know your stomach will get empty so you bring some snacks, and you know that your skin will get dry so you….that’s right, bring a lotion/face mist or whatever to keep it in shape. Buy the products you skin needs in travelling size or buy an empty mini-bottle and fill it!

Protect your skin

Well this is a no-brainer. Protecting your skin from the sun is A and O. The majority of us are probably terribly bad at it,  but it’s essential. The skin hates the sun (or the sun hates the skin perhaps), and it might give a nice tan but it can also damage the skin. Ultraviolet radiation can cause premature aging, skin cancer and cracking skin. Do a SPF, use a hat, wear sunnies; keep your face out of the sun! It’s literally no effort for happy skin.

Folks, we’d love to hear some of your best daily hacks for better skin, hit us in the comments!

75 thoughts on “Daily Hacks For Better Skin

  1. Such a good blog post babe! I’m super skin obsessed so this is right up my ally. I try to change my sheets weekly and try to sleep on my back rather than side so that my face isn’t really touching my sheets. I also get a water with my coffee every morning (size trente) to encourage me to drink throughout the day. The one thing I’m bad at is keeping hands off.. I think I do it without even realizing it and I need to be better at just not touching.

    Thanks for the post babe!

    xoxo Rina

  2. I am so guilty of not hydrating enough during the day! I’m also really bad with touching my face lol. BUT, redeeming factor here: I’m really good with keeping up a daily cleansing, serum and moisturizing routine!!

    I think I started liking my skin routine a lot more when my bathroom got upgraded. I actually like spending time in my bathroom now, so I play around with all my creams and serums, LOL.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. Same here, it’s so easy to forget! And the touching part is inevitable and terrible at once haha. That’s so good that you have a working skin routine!

      That sounds like a good thing, I hate my bathroom so perhaps I’ll get better when I feel that the bathroom is worthy of spending some time in haha! Xx


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