Couture Fall 2019 – Part 2

How about celebrating this summer weekend with part 2 of the couture fall 2019? Well, I think the idea sounds exquisite! Perhaps the creations I’ve chosen this time are a bit more artsy than my picks in this post, but I think it’s completely fine as couture celebrates the finest art form of fashion. Here are three looks from the fall 2019 couture collections (find part 1 here):

Couture Fall 2019 – Part 2 

Chanel Fall 2019

Oh my god, I’m so in love with this look from Chanel. I’m not completely sure what’s about it in specific, but I love the vibe it’s embodying: the time capsule of a past fashion and making it more upbeat and modern. I absolutely adore the contrast of the white mid-section and the black velvet. The crispiness of the white part, including the cuffs, intensifies the look through the perfected lines. The accentuated waist balances the heavy fabric. The black bow underlines the formal style of the dress. I also must highlight the styling. The simple shoes are an unexpected match and same goes for the very minimalistic makeup and hairdo. A red lip or accessory would take the look to the next level, but I appreciate the simplicity that is now too. 

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Zuhair Murad Fall 2019

A more classic couture look is maybe this Zuhair Murad creation. If you know your fashion, you’d say it’s quite similar to what Elie Saab normally does with luxurious colors and maxi lengths. In fact, I’m not sure I’d spot the difference between Murad’s collection and Saab’s previous one.  The dress is an embellished transparent fabric, that’s both elegant and sensual with the defined silhouette. The green embellishment and the long sleeves also adds an elegance to the dress. I love how the oversized leather belt makes the look more interesting. Normally, you leave this kind of dress sans statement belts – which is why it’s a fun twist here. The rest of the collection follows the same theme, which is easy to like, so I’m sure you’ll find the rest of the collection enjoyable too. 

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Guo Pei 2019

Have you seen anything more artsy than this creation from Guo Pei? It feels like a wearable old theatre, with the dolls in the middle, the director above and the curtains pulled to the side. I think it’s so delicate in so many ways. The choice of going for an off-white color gives a more historic feeling. The black lines are used efficiently to be a part of the “theatre”, but also give the dress some structure. The gold adds a glam touch. What I perhaps like the most with this dress is how it reflects the playful side of fashion, where moments in society and culture are translated to a clothing piece. It’s the fashion magic I adore! 

Folks! Which one of these looks from the couture fall 2019 shows is your favorite? Xx

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