Color of the year 2017: Greenery

Well, even the people of Pantone are damn tired of life and the direction the world is heading towards. Why would they otherwise choose a nature green hue with the explanation that it’s a color of new beginnings? Lol! Anyways, green is the color of the year and I think (?) we’re fine with it?

Color Of The Year Pantone

The meaning of green

So green is forever the color of nature. It’s also associated with tranquility, eco-friendly, loyal and secure. Green is also considered to be a fresh color! Perhaps the meaning of color is mostly usable when working with marketing or interior. Honestly speaking though, there are times when I pick my outfit depending on what the color will be associated with. If I want some energy and boldness, I go for red for instance! However, green is probably not the color I’m most specific about embracing, and especially not the pea green hue that Pantone has picked for the year. Anyways, if you want to look fresh, go for green! (Read Pantone’s statement of green and its meaning here.)

How to match green

It’s difficult to give a generalized answer on how to match green as the color works differently depending on the specific hue. Darker green is favorable to pair with bright colors such as pink, orange but also a bold blue. The pea green color that Pantone has highlighted in specific is chic to do with pastels, but also to keep the matching within different shades of green! I’d also go metallic if the green is a few shades darker as the two find a balance. Colors I wouldn’t do (just personal preference) is coral blue, brown and purple. These in combination with pea green is a reflection of the 1960s, for better or worse! If you want some more ideas, here’s a simple trick for you. See how the nature does it. Orange and yellow as in oranges and lemons are perfect for a deep green (as in leaves). Bright pink with pea green is adorable.

Some other notes

Tbh, I’m having a hard time seeing that the pea green color will be worn by the fashionistas this year. I’ll gladly be wrong, but the color is so specific and feels a bit unmodern to say at least. But I’m all here for green in general and I think it’s a perfect shade to work as a basic. Change the regular black/grey and try a dark green instead, it pretty much works the same. I’d also think of balancing the outfit in contrasting colors; dove blue, pink, yellow and gold. I’d even go as far to state that green is a terrific, if not one of the best, colors to underline other shades. Black is not the best option for color-matching, grey is more keen on that part and green is similar to grey but with a warm tone instead. Green make other colors pop. By that said, work darker green as a neutral and the brighter green shades as accessories or third part pieces in your outfit.

Folks, what do you think about the color of the year? Will you wear it? Xx

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63 thoughts on “Color of the year 2017: Greenery

  1. Ok, so I like green, don’t get me wrong…but I HATE wearing green. I don’t know why. It actually looks cool I think, but I always feels so lame wearing green! 🙁 I have some amazing vintage green pants and I never wear them

    As far as the rest of the world embracing green: LOVE it. ;p

    Style Tomes

  2. What an interesting post! I am always looking forward to Pantone’s color of the year and so glad to see it first on your blog! Thank you! However this pea green is not my favourite. I loved better the blue/pink combo of last year and the marsala back in 2015. I really agree with you, I can’t see this pea green worn much as it is a bit old fashioned, but I love green tones and they do too as they suit me much. I have a few velvet green garments that I can’t wait to wear! Thank you so much for the amazing inspiration!
    Much love,

    1. The pink/blue combo last year was such a pretty one and I am indeed having a hard time of letting it go haha. Green velvet garments sounds absolutely amazing and I have a pair of pants and matching blazer in velvet green that I’m eager to pull off! Thank you love! Xx

  3. I do really like the colour green and love to wear the darker shades like emerald and forest green but like you an finding it hard to imagine the pea green colour being very easy to wear. I will wait and see you what comes out in clothes. Gemma x

  4. Green is such a gorgeous color, but one I admit I don’t wear or decorate with nearly enough. Hopefully it will really infiltrate fashion and decor this year and I’ll have a chance to experiment with it. I do agree with you though on pea green – it’s hard to imagine that color really taking off. Happy New Year!

  5. I just learned that this is the colour of the year and it was so unexpected. I don’t actually think I own anything in green in my wardrobe! Actually no, I just recently got a green suede Moto jacket and I love it! But I Think that is the only thing I have. I’ll definitely have to keep my eye out for this colour when shopping around.

    Thanks for the always insightful post. Hope you had an amazing start to your year!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

  6. Honestly, I’m not a fan of green (green clothing I guess) since I only have one piece of item in my closet that’s green and it’s a sweater. These pants suits looks really nice though and I especially love the second one. xo

    Ann-Marie |

  7. I’m right there with you! I love the idea of green – especially an emerald, evergreen, or forest green shade but I’m not fond of that particular shade of green they picked. Who knows, maybe I’ll see the light and be convinced later on.

    Violet Roots || Instagram

  8. That specific shade of green seems so sixties, and I love it! It reminds me of films from the late fifties and sixties. It’s lovely! I don’t know for sure if it’ll be worn that much this year, but it’s a detail to keep in mind I suppose. I personally see it more as a detail color.

    Have a great weekend Mia!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  9. I didn’t know that pea green is the color of the year, interesting, haha! They’re theory in why they selected is understandable, but like you, I don’t feel it’s a color that’s necessarily easy to work with or versatile. I like the idea of just embracing green in general and working with shades you love and that works well for you. I love your combination ideas as well, pink and dark green looks so good, bold and rich! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



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