How To Color Match Green (The Color of the year)

So the color of the year is green and we all will probably be fine with it sooner or later. Perhaps not pea green in specific, but green in general! So, to get us all started I thought it would be quite the good idea to spill the (green) beans on the subject. Here’s how to match green! 

Idea of green

Of course no one is forced to embrace green and if you’re planning on ignoring it you’ll be more than fine. But the same as with trends, color of the year is a fun way of keeping the fashion game in transition. It’s not a rule to follow but a spice to add (slaying on the metaphor front here). So as for this post, green can be a fun addition and not a color that should feel compulsory. But head’s up that we all will probably see green a lot, like a lot a lot.

Different shades of green

There are different shades of green, obviously, but the one in specific for the year is pea green. Pea green is quite the difficult color as it’s hard to match, feels a bit too retro and is not completely in line with the trends we’ll be seeing the upcoming year. Even though I’m curious about seeing how this color will develop from here, I’m even more excited about embracing green in general.

Depending on what shade you’re going to embrace, the best color match is different. So I put together some ideas, and some of the best matches according to moí. I wrote more about color matching on green in this post. In general though, when color matching, it’s always a great idea to play with different details and placement of the colors. Bright tops enlarge your upper body and dark tops narrows. If you’re unsure about starting, choose the darker color for the base and pair with a brighter color as detail. When you’ve built up a good dose of color confidence, work yourself up and let the brighter color be in focus! Here’s a full post on how to color match.

How To Color Match Green, color of the year 2017 | The Fashion Folks


If you want to work the green color scale as a pro, focusing on texture is a great way of dealing with it. I’ve already declared my love for dark green and velvet in combination, but green really is a great color in fun textures. Like, forest green faux leather or emerald green faux fur. Why not neon green in combo with knitwear? After all, green is a color of nature so going full out and embracing crazy texture is quite the way to do it. Another pro-tip is to work green with silver metallic. Whatever shade of green will do the trick for you!

Folks! Are you planning on embracing green this year and if so, how do you match green?

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34 thoughts on “How To Color Match Green (The Color of the year)

  1. When I was younger green used to be my favourite shade but it’s been replaced by blue now. And when it comes to fashions I’ve never really warmed to this hue. I’m not sure how much I’ll warm to it this year, even though I have one or two green pieces in my wardrobe as we speak lol


  2. Green can be such a challenge to get right! I think I’ll stick to richer emerald and forrest options. Your suggestion of dark green velvet sounds so luxe!

  3. I definitely don’t have enough of green in my wardrobe. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve worn green. But now that greenery is the color of the year, perhaps I will be more inspired and find more of it available to shop! Pea green is so retro, but I love the idea of mixing shades of the same color so that would be a fun challenge to style with maybe a jewel tone like emerald green.

    xx Yasmin

  4. Great suggestions! I love the complimentary colors, and this totally helps for accepting green as the color 😉 Not my favorite to try to match, but this encourages me to give it a try!

  5. Green is a so challenging color! Very beautiful but challenging: It clash with the most skin colors in almost even shade and it’s pretty hard to combine!
    So your tips are so handful since it’s gonna be one of the color of the year!
    I love especially emerald green, mint green and bright grass green, and since I really liked the matching colors you selected I’m gonna try all those combination for sure! 😀

  6. I absolutely LOVE this guide, girl! You’ve created some gorgeous color combinations here that I will definitely be referencing. Green can be one of those tough colors to work with depending on the shade, in this case, pea green. But, you’ve created some combinations that are unique and modern, I specifically love it paired with that plum shade, so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous girlie, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



  7. To be honest, I am not really a big fan of green but your tipps will probably change that 🙂 Love the puffer jacket as well as the velvet blazer – maybe I should try with a bold green sweater or jacket as well 🙂

    Have a great week babe ♥


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