Collection Review: Delpozo Resort 2017

Okey fine people. I might have an almost unhealthy relationship with Delpozo. But I’ll stop my obsession when they stop doing brilliant pieces of fashion.  Delpozo Resort 2017 is no exception to the brand’s precise feeling for details, colors, structure and balance. Here’s a somewhat review of Delpozo Resort 2017! Catch the full collection here in chronological order. And oh, disclaimer: all pictures belongs to Delpozo!

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks

The brand: Delpozo 

Delpozo is a Spanish fashion brand with Josep Font being the current creative director. Delpozo has always been a fashion brand that explores the texture and structure of materials. It sometimes feels like their perspective is on the architectural side rather than focus on appearance. The lines of the clothes are often distinct, with different parts contrasting each other in various colors and sometimes prints. Some light embellishment is often thoughtfully added. Delpozo is not afraid of playing with colors and often gives interesting combinations as pink & yellow, beige & yellow, brown & orange. If the Spanish fashion label were to be described in one sentence it would be: minimalism with a big twist.

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Delpozo Resort 2017

One of the things I appreciate with Delpozo is the fashion brand’s ability of being coherent in aesthetic season after season, without  ever going dull. Delpozo is one of those fashion brands that are easy to spot, miles away. The tune of Resort 2017 is no different. There’s an emphasis on the structure of the materials, there’s a contrasting of colors, there are some thoughtfully placed embellishments and there’s a silhouette in the spotlight.

With that said though, the coherency manages to include no less than four different themes within the one collection. It begins with a childish, energetic and vibrant theme with a star print, popping colors and some playful motives. It continues into a seashore theme with a sand color, a sea blue shade and embroidered fishes and florals. Next up are some modern retro vibes with a light touch of the 40s but also the 60s in a fun shift dress. The colors of the stripes (green, brown and orange) feels a bit 70s, especially with the diagonal placement. The fourth and last theme is the classic Delpozo style but in a romanticized version with sheer fabric, flowers and dove colors.

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks

The main colors of the collection are many, the most distinct are: blue (kind of Klein), green, yellow, beige and blush. A lot of v-shaped necklines, horizontal stripes, and contrasting details in colors, volume and material. Delpozo seldom feels like a refined fashion brand as they often prefer to go oversize in style or harsh in contrasts. For instance; the oversized blue and beige stripes, the distinct lines between the white/yellow/beige in the shift dress, or the bright yellow collar and the soft blue print in this one. The refinement, if existing, comes in the last theme where the fabrics are flowy, the contrasts blurry and there’s a softness between the elements.

Thoughts on the collection

If you’re a long time reader of The Fashion Folks, you’ve probably already read between the lines that I ADORE this collection. Like really, truly, madly adore this one. There’s a genius balance and mixture of different elements and styles. From choice of material, print, colors and details to the fine line of combining them all whilst staying true to the Delpozo core.

This green/blue combination is without a doubt one of the best creations I’ve seen for a while. It’s something with the static feeling of the lines of the colors, the silhouette and the enhancement of simplicity in a statement context. The childish looks in the beginning of the collection are playful, wearable and contemporary on all levels. The childlike color combination of yellow, blue, pink and green is fun to see in relation to an adult style with defined collars, a blazer dress, a jumpsuit and a kimono. The romantic looks are all painfully gorgeous and manages to embrace a melancholic tone yet young and present. This blue one is so delicate that I definitely need it for picking flowers or something. This yellow and pink combo is one for the books. And this blush/forest green look is so sophisticated yet dramatic. Need it for future survival – for sure.

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks

It might not be a wearable collection for the everyday person as it’s way more bold and statement making in that sense. It is however pure joy for anyone that loves minimalism with a big twist and isn’t afraid of pushing the fashion boundaries just a little. The weak spot of the collection is possibly the seashore theme as the beige fabric doesn’t translate well to the style as it manages to look cheap and heavy all at once – a weird combination that is. Nonetheless are the clothes and styling still done well, but I would’ve loved to see more of the romantic approach instead.

Final thoughts

I don’t feel like I’ve reached a logical conclusion in this post as I’ve mostly just rambled about the brilliance of Delpozo Resort 2017. Hard to summarize too, as I literally have things to say about each and every look. But overall though, yet another brilliant collection from Delpozo. Not something for the everyday fashion blogger perhaps, but a true gem for anyone that appreciates a fashion that explores all the layers of it, rather than superficiality alone. Bravo Delpozo!

Folks! Thoughts on this collection? Are you as swooned by it as I am? Xx

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks
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44 thoughts on “Collection Review: Delpozo Resort 2017

  1. I can see why you are so obesssed with this designer! The fabrics, the prints and the overall silhouettes of each piece are utterly stunning! I am loving the print (blue flowers) and color play (yellow piping) on that stunning trench coat! Are the shoes and accessories by the designer too?

    Rina Samantha

    1. I think they are! They should be at least, lol! Haha glad you liked the designer though, Delpozo is just the best! Xx

  2. I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear about 90% of those items but I do agree that they all look amazing! It’s so great to see designers that aren’t afraid of using bright colours!


  3. I’ve never heard of Delpozo but I’m with you–I love this collection! The colors are so fun but I love how the shapes are so simple and striking. That floral print trench coat is darling, and I also love that maxi dress with the aqua collar and star embellishment–so pretty!

    1. Hahaha, well I couldn’t be left alone with all the feelings, now could I? Hahah lol. It’s a gem! Xx

  4. Such a fun collection, especially with all of those bold colors! I’m more into neutrals myself, but it’s definitely beautiful to look at.

    Kathryn •

    1. Yes, I do think that anyone with whatever fashion preference can enjoy the collection from that perspective! Xx

  5. I love the burst of vibrant and loud colours but yes, it does feel like the collection is designed by an architect. Usually I tend to shy away from colours but these I really like!

  6. I don’t believe that Delpozo receives the recognition it deserves amongst the fashion community because it’s truly a brand to be noted. I love it for all the reasons you do (of course, great minds, remember?! lol). I love that the designs are practical for daily wear or for the everyday woman because they have that minimalistic aesthetic, yet with a fun and brilliant twist. I love that the use of prints and patterns aren’t over the top playful, yet also have a bit of a whimsical feel. I agree, that blue and green dress is truly something to note, the structure and color combination is so beautiful and looks rather flattering, too. I also love that the take on the star print is rather different than what we’ve been seeing these past couple of years, a la YSL with the classic white and black combo, this one is much more interesting and does yield a 60s vibe. Thanks for sharing, beauty; I loved reading your thoughts, as always, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



    1. You know it Jalisa, always great minds here! But yes, Delpozo definitely need more love because the brand just keeps on delivering fashion gems. And the structure of the blue and green is lovely, hahha I need it! Xx

    1. Hahah yes, the resort theme is really fun though! Love how present it is! Xx

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