Three Classic Fashion Combinations

Somewhere between all the posts of trends, styling tips and random nonsense – there are some timeless and stylish pieces that needs to be reckoned. Or at least get some more love every now and then. Be cherished and appreciated for always being reliable, or something like that. Here’s three classic fashion combinations:

Classic Fashion Combinations - Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015

Courtsey of Elie Saab | Pre-Fall 2015

Classic Fashion Combinations

Red and Lace

Let’s get this post started with the classic combination of red and lace. Is there a duo that’s more associated with romance than this one? Think not!  It’s quite logical if you think about it as red is the most common color association for love and lace is probably the most common fabric when thinking love in a fashion context. There’s something delicate with lace and something fierce and festive with red. The two in combination makes the ultimate, classic, look and is quite the common one for the festive season. A red lace dress for Christmas is a common go-to and likely for Valentine’s Day too! As with everything that is strongly associated with something, it’s a great choice to head for if you want to embrace that feeling. If you want to add something more romantic in the fashion context to your everyday life, a red lace top will do!

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Black and Leather

Okey, there are probably many reasons why black and leather is another timeless duo, but one of them is surely that they are both – probably – immensely popular. Black is the most common and basic color in the Western world fashion and except denim, leather has a pretty good fan base too. I mean, a black leather jacket? Classic! Black leather pants? Rock star! A black leather bag? Timeless! Black leather shoes/boots/heels? Always! Not to forget, there’s also a certain edge in both of them. Black is undoubtedly a defined color, sometimes creating an attitude. It’s not for nothing rockstars and punk is highly associated with black as the main color for clothes. Leather follows the same idea, being edgy and giving a certain attitude. I often promote that one should balance preppy pieces with some edge, as in a leather jacket. Black and leather is thereby a combination that embodies edge and attitude, something we all need more of sometimes!

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Tan and Suede

Perhaps this duo is the least popular combination of the three but is nevertheless a popular one. If the black and leather combo is a subject of rock (to continue the fashion styles), tan and suede is one item of the bohemian style. Think a suede vest in a tan color or a bag with some details of fringe? A pair of high boots, especially over the knee, are also common in the tan and suede combination. As this duo is rather nice both in its color style and texture look, it’s a favorable one to go for when you want to soften  look. If you’re having a floral dress, a black leather jacket will add the edge and a tan suede jacket will keep the soft style intact. Adding a boho touch and everything!

Folks, which one of these classic fashion combinations is your favorite? Or do you have another one I haven’t brought up. Like blue denim? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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34 thoughts on “Three Classic Fashion Combinations

  1. I JUST bought a pair of OTK tan suede boots last week – too funny! I was on the fence about them, but then I figured tan and suede was a classic – great minds think alike 😉 That red lace is something I need to get in my closet ASAP! Have the happiest holiday, Mia! xx

  2. Oooh, these really are classic! Of course, blue denim is a favorite of mine, but red lace is always so nice! You can’t not look romantic and ethereal in red lace.

  3. Yes yes yes!!
    Love all of these combos dear, and especially that the red and black with lace look so festive – perfect for the upcoming events 🙂

    And by the way: I need to say again that I love your new blog layout sooo much!



  4. I think black and leather is my favorite, although somehow I still don’t own a leather jacket? Maybe that should change! You definitely nailed it with these three combos, though.

    Kathryn •

    1. Hahah well perhaps time to invest in a faux! Love to have a go-to option. Thank you love! Xx

  5. I love the bold feminine look of red lace! It’s such a great combination! And edgy black leather is another of my favs! These are great combinations which makes them so classic and timeless!

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