Chloé Fall 2021 – Review

Folks! It’s time for the last review of the fashion weeks this time. Although the presentations of the collections have been all over the place, I’ve tried to do it as one review per city. You can find New York here, London here and Milan here. Today, it’s time for the French brand Chloé Fall 2021. See the full collection here. 

Chloé Fall 2021

Chloé is a label that’s moved from an elegant, sophisticated, French fashion into a more Bohemian, retro, vibe. This transition was completed when Gabriela Hearst became head designer in 2020, and this is her first collection for the label. Although the presence of the 70s is quite distinct, in combination with the Bohemian elements, there are still some influences of the former aesthetic, with maxi lengths, flowy materials and a pale palette. Maxi dresses, longer coats cand ponchos are central parts of the collection. Belts, oversized bags and leather boots are also contributing to the luxe boho style. The patterns are mainly about patchwork and scallops; and stripes of course. Knitted pieces, leather and teddy are also important. With a color scale centring to earthy shades, the collection embodies the idea of a traditional Bohemian fashion. 

Thoughts On the Collection

I must say that Hearst has done a great job with her first collection for Chloé. Sure, it’s not about the traditional French essence, but she made the boho style luxe and wearable (which is also a part of the French fashion core). It has a vague resemblance to Isabel Marant’s most beloved collections, but with another level of refinement and glam. I’m not too sure that I’d be able to point it out as a Chloé collection purely by looking at the design, but maybe Hearst is rewriting the characteristics of Chloé. 

What made me want to write about this collection were the patterns. Patchwork and scallops are underrated patterns if you ask me. They’re both pretty easy to play around with, and they’re always adding a more intrusive style to any collection or outfit. To start with the scallop pattern, how gorgeous isn’t this set? It’s just perfection with the colors, the leather and the styling. Love the choice of matching boots and the turtleneck. I appreciate the trench too. And speaking of jackets, this patchwork is also a gem. I’m sure that similar jackets can be found in your local thrift shop or so, its retro vibe is on point. I also enjoy the patchwork of this jacket, it’s a bit awkward, but the idea of a patchwork jacket is superb. Also, the styling with the knitted dress and the leather boots is a cozy one. The knitted maxi dresses of the collections are btw excellent. This olive green with the fringe bag is a gem. Love this and this one, stylish to match the stripes of the dresses and bags. 

I usually also talk a bit about looks, or parts, of the collection that were less successful. I could do it now too, like this and this outfit are random, but I’d rather focus on more of the styling. Because there are some looks with pieces that aren’t that special, but they make the outfits special with the styling. One example is this one. Such a lovely idea to go for a matching white dress and jacket and layer it with a midi long vest. By keeping the lengths fairly close, a coherency is created. Also, the fact that the boots and the belt are matching is terrific and gives a “put together” impression. The same styling principles are used in this look and this one. I must give a shoutout to this jacket and this one too. Two modern and updated versions of the classic aviator jacket. Especially the latter is entertaining with the statement of the cut and how it frames the knitted dress. I also adore the simplicity of the maxi dresses, paired with belts and boots; such as this one and this

It’s a wonderful collection, that’s dynamic and wearable. As stated previously, we’ll see how this collection will correlate to future collections of Hearst, but so far so good! I know for sure that I want to walk around in dramatic layers, maxi lengths and layer boots this fall. Let’s call it Bohemian chic! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Chloé Fall 2021? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

4 thoughts on “Chloé Fall 2021 – Review

  1. Holy cow, that scallop pattern is amazing! I had to do a double take lol. So creative and I love the rich colors. Overall I was impressed with most pieces I saw, and I agree that everything looks wearable, which is always a plus! Happy weekend!


    1. Right? I love it too! Gorgeous with scallops, I’d love to see more of that in fashion. Such an entertaining pattern! Xx

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