Carolina Herrera Fall 2020 – Review

Okey folks, I’m gonna be honest with you. I was not too excited to start with the fashion week articles today. NYFW is not a favorite and the fashion weeks in September were disappointing. But, all my doubts disappeared when I saw the collections. Oh my, oh my. If NYFW is any indication of what fall 2020 will look like, we’re here for a good show! Folks? Here’s Carolina Herrera Fall 2020. See the full collection here.

Carolina Herrera Fall 2020

Herrera fall 2020 has that mature, vibrant and determined vibe to it. The colors are spanning from red to yellow, green and blue. Some color-blocking is done, but many of the colorful looks are monochromatic. The majority of the looks are either dresses or pantsuits. The dresses are done quite playfully with an often exaggerated element, sometimes the silhouette but also the color, the sleeves or the pattern. The pantsuits are mature, with clean lines and belts to accentuate the waists. In one way the collection feels minimalistic as there aren’t too many details and the details that have been used are done in a subtle way, like the black flowers of this dress. I’d say there’s a vague 70s’ vibe to the collection with the maxi lengths and the bold floral patterns. There’s also an 80s vibe with the voluminous dresses, but they’ve been done in a contemporary way so the decade isn’t dominating too much. 

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Thoughts On the Collection

I’m obviously a big fan of this collection. There are so many elements I adore. First of all, yes to the colors used. The red/pink outfit that opened the show is intense and good. Love the bold sunny yellow and the deep blue. Love the energy that the orange brings, it’s intense but not overwhelming. The green is wearable and a beautiful hue for a fall fashion. Secondly, yes to all the volume. I’m talking the spacious sleeves in this look, I’m talking about this updated LBD and this glam t-shirt dress – not to forget this orange piece of happiness. Love how the patterns have been maximized and displayed in this collection. This vibrant dress is a terrific example of that, but also this green history.  

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There are two looks that are more sporty in the collection, perhaps not in line with the rest of the collection, but I’m not gonna complain. I love knitted sets, I love the maxi length and I love the styling with colorful shoes. The colorful dresses of the collection are perhaps its biggest strength though, with this pink/red dress being wearable and likable. This yellow creation is lovely with the heavy ruffles and this simple blue dress is gorgeous with its timeless cut. And speaking of timeless, there are some looks that are the very definition of timelessness but have been done in an interesting way. This black dress is an example of that, love the puffy sleeves. Love this black dress too, I’d wear it everyday. Another timeless look is the white shirt, with the cutout pattern, some vague Louis Vuitton 2012 vibes, which I love!

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I’d say that the collection is genuinely strong and all of the looks are more or less following the theme. One problem with Carolina Herrera I’ve had before, is that the looks sometimes feels more appealing to an older clientele. I’m not in the target group, so my criticism is highly subjective, of course. But even in this collection, I think many of the looks speaks to people of all ages, which is quite the difficult thing to accomplish. Overall, this collection is full of energy, intention and fun, wearable, but playful, clothes! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Carolina Herrera Fall 2020? And heyyyy, let’s do this fashion month! Xx

22 thoughts on “Carolina Herrera Fall 2020 – Review

  1. Hey Mia, hope you’re having a great week so far! How are you? Excited for all the upcoming collections? I bet so 🙂

    Aaaaaaah Carolina Herrera always manage to put something on the spotlight, I mean is not my favorite designer but I truly believe she is knows how to do things right, specially when it comes to patterns and shapes. I loved that this time she took a risk and went straight to bright and quirky colors, very playful but still elegant but with a risky point 😀

    1. Hahah I sure am!! Yes, I love how she combined colorful elements with her usual elegance! Xx

  2. This is a gorgeous collection! I love how she plays with volume, shape, and simplicity. I love that black dress with a deep v, also the black textured dress, and the gorgeous yet simple blue dress.

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