How To Build Your Perfect Fall Wardrobe 2017

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I don’t know if there’s a seasonal wardrobe that’s more to fun to build than a fall wardrobe. Mainly due to the fun colors, statement materials and the favorable ways one can create layered looks. Pretty sure that the majority of us have a good base to work with, but as the fashion changes by the seasons and trends, it can be fun to add a 2017 touch to go along with the basics. Here’s how you can build your perfect fall wardrobe 2017.

How To Build Your Perfect Fall Wardrobe 2017 - The Fashion Folks | Fall outfit ideas, inspiration, chair, street style thoughts

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Perfect Fall Wardrobe 2017 – Trend Edition

Midi Length Coat

Let’s be honest, is a coat something you want to invest in? Yes! Is the midi length a style that is trending at the moment? Yes! Does this still mean that it’s a good idea to invest in the style, if you have yet to own one? Yes! The midi style is perhaps the most practical style for fall with the length keeping one warm and stylish. The style, especially in the neutral colors of black, grey and camel, will remain a fall basic as long as our modern fashion remains. Go for a classic reefer coat and it’ll undoubtedly pass the test of time. A reefer coat is perfect for layering too, with the blazer style being favorable for shirts, sweaters and turtlenecks under.

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Mom Jeans/Boyfriend Jeans

Mom jeans are the trendier alternative for fall 2017, but some dislike them to a point where boyfriend jeans becomes the better alternative. The idea though is a pair of straight jeans done with a edgy touch. Not necessarily distressed, but preferably high waisted and with a loose silhouette. The jeans are fun to match with fall items of sweaters and shirts, with the high waisted style giving the option to create some balance in the silhouette. They’re also chic to do with boots or high heels to contrast the street style look. Think a 90s street vibe and you’ll hit the trend target!

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Buttoned Shirt

I don’t know what kind of people that survive the fashion life without a buttoned shirt as they are THAT good. A plaid shirt is perhaps the ultimate one to do for fall, but you can easily go for a denim style or an all white and you’ll still cover the most important criteria for a fall wardrobe which is layering. A layered outfit will save you on any given fall day. A buttoned shirt is a great piece to layer with as it’s viewable with the high neck style and the long sleeves. Throw on a sweater, a coat or a cardigan and you already got some layers going. A cute little bow around the neck will add some elegance too, fun to contrast if you’re going for plaid!

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Black Boots

Boots are obviously a must for fall and specifically the black boots. They are not only suitable due to their ability to resist uncomfortable weather conditions, but goes with all the typical fall outfits. Fun to contrast with the midi length, elongates the legs with black tights or pants and stylish to do with a pair of jeans! Go for heels if you want to add some height and balance to all the heavy layers for the top or take it low as the kitten heels are trending. The style of choice is yours!

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Fedora Hat

Lastly, would a fall wardrobe for a fashionista be complete without a fedora hat? Think not! The stylish and structured style of the hat will save you on bad hair days and add the chic factor. As the style of the hat is straight, it balances voluminous outfits and adds structure. Choose one in a neutral color if you want to be on the safe side. Especially black fedoras are flattering to any outfit. On the other hand, hats in a fall color as navy blue or burgundy will also have your back!

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Folks! What is the ultimate way to build your perfect fall wardrobe 2017? Do you add the trendy touches or do you keep it classic and basic all the way? Let’s chat in the comments!

44 thoughts on “How To Build Your Perfect Fall Wardrobe 2017

  1. Such a well-written report, I would add something plaid in the mix, it’s such a major part of this fall. Love this post, I will be on a hunt for a chic fedora hat after reading this!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

    1. Thank you! Plaid is definitely a huge part of fall and for the best reasons so. Hope you’ll find a stylish fedora hat soon! Xx

  2. I couldnt agree more with everything on your list! Although mine doesnt usually consist of a midi coat since it never gets cold enough here! I wish! Its so chic!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

    1. Ahh that’s the downside of warm weather haha. But yes, they are that chic indeed! Perhaps you can get a lighter version?! Xx

    1. Hahahah omg Shireen, you always give the best comments though <3 Hahah try another style, perhaps more defined?! Xx

  3. Yes to all of these! Particularly the jeans. I’m dying for some barrier jeans. I’m really over the skinny leg. This was a great post, and I hope you have a lovely week Mia!

    1. Hahah me too, they’re great basics every now and then but I crave them statement these days! Xx

  4. Ah how I love fall fashion! Fall usually doesn’t last too long here, but it’s said that we might actually have a proper fall season so I’m keeping my fingers crossed since it would be absolutely nice to be able to enough the fashion longer! I need to work on my boots game …I should probably start the search now :]

  5. I’m patting myself on the back right now as I actually have some of these things, ha! But I do really need a new coat, and I could use some black boots as well. Let the hunt begin!

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