The Best Print And Color Combinations

Now this might be one of my favorite subjects within the fashion and styling context. Prints? Yes please! Colors? Always! Here’s a post on the best print and color combinations according to moí! Note though that these ideas are terribly specific, but can (ofc) be done as you like. 

Leo Print and Navy Blue

When talking about the leo print in its classic colors (camel, brown and black), there’s one color I specifically love to match it with. That color? Navy blue! The leo print is a neutral and classic as it is, but stylish and elegant to pair with another neutral and classic, as navy blue is. The color works well on its own with the shades in the leo print, but perhaps even better when the four are combined.  The leo print also adds a great contrast to the elegant and sophisticated style the nautical style is. Red, white and navy blue (core colors of the navy style) all works well with the shades of the leo prints. Contrast a neutral outfit of navy blue with a leo scarf or clutch. Or why not a leo clothing piece and neutralize it with some navy blue?

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Stripes and Red

Of course I have to mention the most classic combination there is. There’s not for nothing that stripes and red in combo stands the test of time! Obviously black and white in combination is the definition of classic and red is probably the most classic popping color.  So of course the trio ought to work well with one another. The center of attention in the french style is the black and white stripes with red lips or accessories. And if the country of fashion says so, it’s definitely a thing! I’d go for a striped top and match it with red lips, no need to make it more complicated than that! But if you want to push the boundaries, just match and mix as you like to!

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Snakeprint and Purple

Imagine the more desert style of the snake print, I’m talking grey/beige with perhaps some tiny bit of green and brown. Well that shade is gorgeous with purple and more specifically plum purple.  I think the snake print works well for both summer and fall fashion, which means that it’s time to work it now!  The plum purple conrasts the print in a very sophisticated way. All the colors are rather soft, especially brown and plum purple being a humble combo. I think you can work this either by making the plum color pop and have a bag or scarf in a snake print or the other way around. However you’ll do it, it’s a match (hopefully, lol)


Folks! Which one of the best prints and color combinations do you love the most? Do you have one you’d like to add? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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40 thoughts on “The Best Print And Color Combinations

  1. I love these combinations! I’ve worn 2/3, that purple and snakeskin is so good, I’ll have to try it myself! Thanks for sharing such beautiful inspo for the season and I hope you’re having a great week so far, my friend!



  2. Aww thanks for the lovely inspo, Mia!! Just ordered a pair of lovely snakeskin boots and love the combo with the purple, definitely need to put it on my “outfit inspo” list 🙂

    Hope youre having a great day & happy weekend already


  3. I do love red + stripes and navy + leopard, but I don’t think I’ve tried purple + snakeskin but I LOVE it. I’m going to have to try that combo asap!

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