Best Posts of January

And that’s a wrap on the first month of the year! Traditionally I always sum up the best posts of the month, and January is no exception! It’s been a great blogging month and I’ve had a blast talking about 2017, goals and winter fashion in general. But I’m equally excited for the upcoming fashion weeks!


Best Posts Of January

Hope you’ve had a lovely January folks, and have a darling February! Xx

Best Posts Of January - Fashion tips, beauty ideas, resolutions 2017 | The Fashion Folks

36 thoughts on “Best Posts of January

  1. I’m pretty excited for the start of Fashion Week, too! To see both the collections and street style, of course 🙂 You were one of the first sites I saw that announced the color of the year and I’m actually quite happy to start playing around with it because I’ve found a couple of pieces in my wardrobe that are quite similar. Thanks so much for sharing this recap with us, beauty, and I can’t wait to read all the amazing articles you’ll share next month!



  2. Wait wait wait. No seriously. This is real. I JUST realized it’s the last day of January. No joke, I’ve been leading this week thinking that Feb is still a bit away so I’m good. How in the world??

    Also, I missed the post about 27 fashion and beauty ideas to try in 2017 and can I just say I freaking LOVE it?? The only thing that makes me sad is that I chopped off my hair so I can’t do the high ponytails and braids lol 🙁

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