Best Holiday Color Combinations

Oh dear (or read deer in true holiday spirit), there are few subjects that are as interesting to chat about as color combinations. Though I’m not heading into a full holiday mood until next week here at The Fashion Folks, I’m convinced we all need some good ol’ jolly holiday color combinations for the weekend. These are frankly speaking quite the common ones, but perhap one step bolder as it’s a three way balance? Dunno! Anyways, here’s the best holiday color combinations:

Holiday Color Combinations - Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2017Courtsey of Elie Saab | Pre-Fall 2017

Best Holiday Color Combinations


I mean, name a more classic color combination? Not sure it exists for the holidays at least. Red and green are, of obvious reasons, colors that this time of the year are closely associated with the holidays. They work perfectly fine together, especially when going for the darker shades, and is rather neutral if you ask me. Think a wine red with forest green and you have a pretty safe outfit. Make the outfit more balanced with some black though as it adds a nice balance to the popping shades. I think green pants with a red top and some black accessories, is a great way of keeping things balanced and good! Or letting the black color be in center and make it pop with either red or green. 

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If there’s one color that represents the modern way of decorating, I think grey would be that color. Grey has a nice neutrality to it and works well with other fall colors of red and green but also elements of nature as in brown or some crispy white. One color, especially with the lighter shades of grey, I enjoy to pair it with is orange. Orange is btw great for anyone who’s growing tired of the typical red (is that even possible?). To mix it up, a forest green is a terrific color to contrast the lighter elements of grey and orange. Think a grey costume with an orange blouse and a forest green bag/shoes? Or something -not- that specific? As in the outfit below, mixing prints is a great way to add the fashion touch!

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Perhaps this is the most neutral holiday color combination out of the four as this one balances three rather classic shades. Grey and red makes a cute Christmassy combination though, but has been quite the common combo throughout fall. Black, alike green in the color combination above, is a great contrasting color to give the outfit a certain edge. Black pants with a red top and a grey jacket? Basic, easy, foolproof yet with a holiday touch!

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Way to go polka land with this color combination of red, white and gold. Red and white is quite contextual – rather classic as in red lips and white dress but also quite the childish combination when going polka dots and ugly Christmas sweaters. The duo is however too good to be ignored! A pair of red pants and a white blouse? Count me in! And to make it pop, always add the gold. The gold will inevitably make it more glam and also balance the red and white in a favorable way. Don’t forget to go for red and white in a stripes duo if you want to go full on candy land.


Folks! What are your best holiday color combinations? Do you like to keep it classic or do you mix it up? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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48 thoughts on “Best Holiday Color Combinations

  1. Oh yes, what a lovely idea! It can be SO much fun to completely immerse ourselves in the festive spirit in every way possible at this time of year, right?! The green embellished dress you’ve shared first in this post is beyond dreamy – what a show stopper! My favourite holiday colour combinations are black and red 🙂

    1. I knooow, Elie Saab delivering the A-game in fashion: just adore it!! Black and red is a good one too, love the intense contrast! Xx

    1. Adore the trio too, it’s a nice balance of different intensities. Yay, hope you’ll like the week! Xx

    1. Whaaat?! Hahah I think you’ll look so so pretty in orange. It’s a gorgeous pop with grey and green! Xx

  2. Ooh I love all of these and I like that they can be as bold or subtle as you want. This time of year I always want to break out all the red I have–thanks for the color combo ideas to use it!

    1. That’s right! It all comes down to how you choose to style it. Haha same here, love to go for the red life! Xx

  3. Anything with red and gold, and I’m sold. Love it. Festive color combinations are always so fun. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend Mia!

    1. They are indeed and it’s inevitably their peak season right now! Hope you had a lovely one Amber! Xx

  4. These are such great color combinations for the holidays! I love how adding black to red and green helps to ground it so you don’t look like a walking Christmas tree too!

  5. YAY! Holiday season! Actually I just started looking for the perfect Christmas / New Year’s Eve outfit so this ideas could be applied in many ways to rock the party 😉

    Love all of them but I think the most original is the second one, adding just the perfect touch of a different color and the texture

    Best! You always provide very good content!

    1. That’s so good, hope you got some good inspiration! Thank you so much love, makes me happy to hear! Xx

  6. I might be weird but when I think Christmas, I always associate it mostly with gold, white and blue. I absolutely adore those big Christmas trees that are all golden and blue, perhaps not traditional holiday colours but so lovely, so I think that would be my go-to combination. I do like the idea of combining red, white and gold as well, though. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, lovely! Hope you’re having a good week so far – it’s Friday! And btw, your new layout looks super awesome and really professional! xoxo


    1. I do love that combination though, gold white and blue is a gorgeous trio. But I think I associate it even more with NYE hahah. Thank you so much gorgeous! Xx

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