Beauty Trends Spring 2018

I summed up the fashion trends spring 2018 in this article last week, so why not go on about the beauty trends spring 2018 today? It’s a cute mix of classic looks, splashes of colors and the never ending hunt for perfect looking skin!

Beauty Trends Spring 2018

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Beauty Trends Spring 2018

Framed Eyes

A classic cat eyeliner is never wrong and framing the entire eyes is extra right this spring. Giving the intensified look will definitely add some attitude to your makeup look and surely be a chic choice for a night out. The designers focused a lot on the magic of eyeliners but I think you’re good to go with a classic smokey eye or just some basic shadowing. Just remember to intensify!

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Aren’t the braids always stylish? Well yes, I think so, but they’re kind of too cute no to mention here! The braids are a great way to keep your hair away from your face but do so in a fashionable way. The braids suits as an extra hairstyle and can stress or contrast an outfit. Braids are kind of soft and associated with romance which is why they work well with a floral dress, but also a chic balance with an edgy denim jacket!

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Glossy Lips

The matte lips might still be around but it feels like we’re moving towards glossy lips. Perhaps it’s due to the increasing popularity of the 90s makeup. The glossy lips can be about choosing a glossy lipstick, add a layer of lip gloss or just moisturize your lips with a lip balm. Make the most out of it by choosing a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from the sun! If you want to go extra trendy, choose a lip gloss with some metallic shine or one with some glitter.

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Perfected Skin

Lastly, a major trend for 2018 is to have perfect looking skin. Now, I don’t know when this “trend” hasn’t been in style, but it seems to be more important than ever. Of course the goal is to have a healthy skin overall, but we know that’s not the case of reality. So except respecting your skin and caring for it, don’t forget to be specific about getting a good base in your makeup look. Perhaps you like that glow or you want everything mattified? The key is to have a good set of makeup products that will help you get a look of perfect skin. I mean, nothing like a no makeup makeup look right?


Folks! Which one of these beauty trends spring 2018 is your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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26 thoughts on “Beauty Trends Spring 2018

  1. I love my eyeliner, so I’m glad to know it’s trending this season! I personally love the cat eye effect that lining both the upper and lower eyes create. I think it also creates somewhat of a complete look, in that you don’t have to really go all out with shadows, if you choose to use liner as your tool. I actually didn’t know that gloss was trending as well. I wore some the other day, after rediscovering one in my makeup bag. I also love braids and always wished I could recreate some of those amazing Pinterest styles we all love, but I simply don’t have the patience (and time these days!) so if I do choose to go for a braid, which is very rarely, I’ll do a low pony and braid the ends.



    1. I love the eyeliner look too! So simple and chic to go for. Love to work it on a daily basis, just doing the top! Xx

  2. These are spot on! There were so many braids at Weekend 1 of Coachella, I’m guessing I’ll see even more this weekend!

  3. Yes, yes, yes to all of these! I’m so excited to get these trends going. I’ve been obsessed with framed eyes lately – felt so 2001 to me at first, but hey, I’m embracing it. Always striving for that perfect skin look! Happy Tuesday, Mia!


    1. You’re working the look so well Quinn! Your makeup skills are on point! Xx

  4. Hello Mia, hope you’re doing well!
    Sometimes we do not tend to pay much attention to beauty trends (makeup and hairstyle) but I think these can also speak a lot about the sociocultural moment we live and definitely helps to define times and of course the motivations of those who use these. I would say that my favorites are the braid and the framed eyes, I love that this makeup makes everything so dramatic and you could go to simple to fabulous in a matter of minutes!
    Best and thanks for your constant support!

    1. So true though and easy to get stuck with your regular go-to makeup looks! Framing the eyes is so chic indeed, intense but good! Xx

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