Beauty Trends of 2016

We began the year with talking about the beauty trends for 2016.  As excitingly as trends are, it’s easy to forget about them as the months goes by! So as a kind reminder, here are some of the beauty trends of 2016, and also how you can achieve them!

Lipstick statement

As much as we love love our makeup the trend of this year is actually a toned down makeup look, except when poppin lipsit comes to the lips.  The lips should be better and shine brighter than ever! Try the ombre look if you want to go all craycray or try a classic red! For a natural makeup look to go with the statement lips, check-out our post on no makeup makeup here!

Glowy skin

There’s a common thought that glowy skin should come from the inside,  and yes as food high in nutrition helps your skin, another way to go about it is through makeup. Add a cream blush,  some vaseline or a face mist spray when opting for the glow.  Or why not feed your face with a natural ingredient like the coconut oil? Apply these on the peaks of your face such as cheekbones, nose tip, above the lip and on the chin.

Bold eyeliner

We’ve talked about the importance of a good eyeliner, both the classic ones and the more statement ones! As chic as a regular eyeliner is, a bold liner is the tune of the season. As we don’t mind a bit of a dramatic makeup, we still want to be able to pull it off on a daily basis. Doing a bold eyeliner demands a balance in the rest of your look. Keeping the base, the eyebrows and the lips as natural as possible will make the trend work on a daily basis too!

Twisted hair

Nothing is as good as a hair hack that’s done within the minute but still makes a difference in your look. That’s why we love the twisted hair trend! The trend is as simple as taking two hair section and twist them with each other! Use it instead of a classic braid or to get your fringe out of the way!

Folks, what is your favorite of the beauty trends of 2016?

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51 thoughts on “Beauty Trends of 2016

  1. I am all about the glowy skin and bold lip this year! I love the contrast between the healthy looking no-makeup makeup look, and then a bright or really dark lip. I think it’s so pretty! I wear that look all the time. You’ve definitely nailed the trends. 😉


    1. You definitely described the look perfectly, the makeup looks both so healthy and yet fun and fashionable with the statement lip! Love to use a poppin’ color for the summer and a darker one for fall! And freckles is also such a charming add to the look! Xx

  2. I love all these beauty trends, especially the bold lips! I don’t wear a ton of makeup, but I like the idea of keeping everything neutral and adding a bright lip!

  3. Glowy, dewy skin is certainly high on my list of ‘wants’ with regard to beauty right now, it can look so gorgeous when done well! I love your choice of beauty shot via DKNY, by the way 🙂

  4. I have been pretty much wearing glowy skin and bold lips almost everyday. It’s my easy go-to look. I haven’t really tried the bold liner yet, mainly because I have very small eyes and they look smaller with bold liners.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. That’s a perfect, lovely and easy go-to! Try the bold liner in a bright and poppin’ color that opens up the eye. And the bold eyeliner doesn’t neccesarily need to be bold, but more of a statement! Xx

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