Beauty Trends 2015

The year is coming to it’s end. What’s better than to do a little recap of our favorite beauty trends 2015? 2015 has been all about dark lips, fine lines (and yes we mean fine eyeliners and not fine as in thin!) and sultery eyes. But also colorpops in fun ways! The nails of this year has been in all possible shades of “nude”. From white to brown.  The beauty trends of 2015 also came with a plot twist; basic beauty but with, small, exciting details (and this is a trend we sure want to keep 2016!). And as for hair, 2015 has been the year of beachy waves and ponytails, simple as well as innovative. So to compile this year? 2015 has been the year of taking simple basic ideas and looks and give them a twist, as small as it may seem it is pure creativity!

Beauty Trends 2015The pictures used in this post are not the property of The Fashion Folks
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