Beauty Resolutions 2020

I wrote about the fashion resolutions 2020 last week in this article. Today I’ll follow it up with an article on the beauty resolutions 2020. I thought I’d write more general suggestions for beauty resolutions this year and not get too specific about makeup, nails, hair etc. As well all know by now, beauty comes from the inside. And no, I’m not talking about the philosophical point of view, I’m talking about sleep, food, exercise, drinking water and … genetics! These are all factors that affects your skin, hair and nails. With that said, let’s have a 2020 of improving our beauty life from the inside. Of course we can’t change our DNA, but improving your lifestyle will have a bigger impact than you think. 

Beauty Resolutions 2020

Beauty Resolutions 2020

Get Enough Sleep

I think people tend to forget that sleep is one of the most important things in our lives. It’s key to anything you do. Sleep is your body’s way of recovering and your brain’s way of progressing information. You don’t need to watch that next episode of the Netflix show or stay up and finish that work – you need to sleep. Relax, unwind, declutter your mind. The benefits of having a good sleeping schedule are endless and I promise you, your skin will be so much happier.

No Makeup Life

As much as makeup can be fun, exciting and functional: don’t forget to let your face rest a bit too. It’s a really nice change to either go without makeup completely, or to go foundation free or mascara free. Your skin will likely breathe better too without all the layers of primer, foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter and setting spray. If you’re uncomfortable without makeup, this is a really good exercise too! I promise you, you don’t need makeup to buy groceries or see that friend. You just need makeup when (or if) you feel like wearing makeup. 

Treat Your Hair

When it comes to hair care, it’s kind of the same idea as with the makeup: let it rest from styling every now and then. Don’t always use hairspray, heating tools, salt spray etc. Instead, use a hair tie that’s soft. Braid your hair before you’re gonna sleep. Brush or comb it through gently. Don’t use more shampoo than you need. Use eco-friendly products. Don’t forget conditioner or a hair oil to keep it moisturized! 

Eat Well

I’m not a nutritionist nor do I intend to be. But common knowledge is that what you eat affects your body. If you eat better, you’ll feel better and you’ll likely look better (at least your skin). I don’t believe in diets really, but I do believe in eating more of what’s good for you. More vegetables and fruit. More water, more fiber, minerals and vitamins. There are tons of infographics out there, books and articles that can provide you with good information on how to eat more well! Just make sure to double check the facts on what you read.

Folks! Do you have any beauty resolutions 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

8 thoughts on “Beauty Resolutions 2020

  1. Into all of this! Although I’m not quite nailing my sleep resolution (I have been watching that extra episode of Netflix…), I’m determined to get more of it. The no makeup life has been lovely and also has helped with my confidence level. Less is most! Happy Thursday, Mia!


  2. YES to all of these! Such great practical information here. Let me tell you, I’ve never cherished sleep more than I do now, lol! Seriously. It truly is key and when you’re low on it all the time, it can certainly expedite the aging process of the skin. Same goes for dehydration. I’ve got to continuously remind myself of the importance of all of these basic necessities as a mom of two now. It’s easy for me to try and force myself to stay up later to get more done or try and watch a movie or do something else when really all I should be doing is trying to get some extra sleep. Great post, my friend; I hope you’re having a great week!


    1. I’m so happy to hear that you prioritize sleep! I think it’s crazy how much people underestimate the power of sleep. It makes you more happy, more relaxed and you’ll likely take better decisions! Xx

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