Beauty Resolutions 2019

Let’s continue this refreshed vibe by talking about some ideas for beauty resolutions 2019. Yesterday I talked about how to get more bold with fashion but also sustainable and intentional. Same principles kind of apply to beauty, so let’s give this one a go:

Beauty Resolutions 2019

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Beauty Resolutions 2019

Personalized Skincare

If you only have a slight interest in beauty, you’ve probably noticed that skincare is huge right now. It’s always had a central part in history and been strongly associated with health and caring for yourself. Skincare today is quite a lot, it’s about acids, staying hydrated, multimasking, Korean beauty, layering your products the right way and never ever leave the house without some SPF. The most important thing about skincare if you ask me is that it’s personalized. The same way you should know your body, the same way you should know your skin. Once you do, you can choose a skincare routine that suits you the best! Just remember to adjust it slightly after season and through the years! And more than anything: eco-friendly, cruelty free and sustainable skincare is what you should invest in.

Playful Nails

It’s easy to turn to your regular, go-to, basic nail polishes season after season (at least I do!), so that’s why it’s even more fun to shake it up a bit with more playful nails. A colorful nail polish will make a huge difference and be a nice detail to your outfit. A cheerful red is classic but a good way to start using more bold nail colors. An orange shade or lavender can also be ways you ease yourself into the nail polish life. A smart tips is to turn to the colors of the season (fall colors as in forest green, red wine, burgundy, navy etc or spring colors as in sweet pastels), to keep it stylish and trendy. To push the creativity even further, do the nails in a fun print! Check Pinterest or Youtube for good tutorials and remember that it’s okay if it gets a bit messy – just practice!

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Elevated Makeup Game

I’m anything but bold in my makeup game, I’ve more or less had the same go-to makeup look for as long as I’ve been interested in makeup. This doesn’t mean though that I don’t try to change it up a bit. In 2018 I got more experimental with framing the eyes in different ways, choosing darker lipsticks and even do eyeshadow every now and then. I intend to continue with this in 2019 too! Just keep on relying on what I’m comfortable with but occasionally add something new. If your makeup game is highly elevated I’m sure there are other ways you can experiment with makeup this year. Just keep the creativity up and perhaps discover new ways you like to play with colors, shades and lines!


Lastly, for the hair! Let’s give it some love this year too, right? Cut off those dry and split ends, don’t forget your conditioner, let your hair rest from warm hair tools, add some oil to give it some shine, don’t brush it when it’s wet – and so the list goes on! But these standard tips are also true and effectful. Get the haircare life a part of your weekly routine and I’m sure your hair will be much happier. And don’t  forget that you can easily do your own hair masks at home if you want to treat your hair, but not splurge too much.

Folks! Do you have any beauty resolutions 2019? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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    1. Same here! Hahah definitely need to get the basics going with some youtube tutorials! Xx

  1. Sounds like some fun New Year’s resolutions. I have been thinking of doing some fun nails too this year, at least for special events. I am always so vanilla when it comes to nails. I am not a big fan of nail art but I do like sparkle tips and sequins.

    Allie of

    1. Same here! I used to be so much better at this but lately it’s been all about keeping it quick and basic! Gonna change that this year though Xx

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