Beauty: New Year’s Resolution

So we talked about some fashionable resolutions the other day, so some beauty ones are next in line! We should call it New Year’s goals this time as well, to stress the fact that it’s about striving toward improvement and not a magical 24 hours transformation! Here we go:

  • It’s old but it’s gold – stop picking your skin. Leave zits, pimples and other face-related things alone. There is never an 23726890855_d4059131b8_zexcuse to actively damage your skin, yet so many seems to have a hard time stop doing so (including us!). But 2016 is the year we start to respect our skin, and admire it for it’s fantastic powers and ignore it when an annoying zit pops up. #yes
  • Maybe boring, but ever so important. Use sun protection all year around. So incredibly important to prevent your skin from skin cancer and the dangerous UV from the sun. Lazy tip is to invest in a moisturizer with SPF.
  • Try every now and then to mix up your everyday makeup with something new and unexpected. Like a red lip to go with your eyeliner, or have your eyeshadow in a different shade.
  • Moisturize. Kind of boring, but once you’ve gotten it in your routine it’s wonderful. No more irritated dry skin in the winter, or after too many hours in the sun, just a moisturized and healthy one! 
  • Put the tweezer down. Let your eyebrows grow to their natural shape and then you may fill them with your eyebrow pencil if necessary. Don’t overplock them and refill them. Leave them alone and let nature rule.
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