Beauty 2021 – Trend Report

I wrote about the fashion trends 2021 in this article, and today it’s time for the beauty 2021 trend report! The trends in beauty don’t move as fast as in fashion if you consider what reaches the mainstream trends. In fact, the majority of us are quite conservative when it comes to new beauty trends. I could write an article about the more avant-garde styles that are trending,  but I think it’s more useful to write about trends that appeals to to a bigger crowd. But don’t get me wrong though, I love artsy beauty trends, so let’s do an article on that later! 

Beauty 2021

Blushy Cheeks

After the bronze trend, we have the blushy cheeks. Or maybe it’s more right to say it’s trendy to mix both of them. You can favourably go for a more pink blush, but peachy blushes are also trending this year, especially for the warmer months. You can also try and go for a more sunkissed look and apply some blush on your nose! There are a lot of stylish tutorials out there, so do your research and see what will suit you best. 

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Dewy Skin

Another makeup trend 2021,  which feels like a permanent trend to be honest, is dewy skin. Your skin should have that natural, healthy, glow! This can be done by choosing a primer with focus on a dewy skin, only choosing liquid products or make sure to finish with a dewy setting spray. To keep in mind is to not go fully overboard, but to keep it light and natural. You can also approach this trend by creating a skincare routine with focus on a dewy result! 

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Brushed & Bushy Brows

As for the brows, they should be done all brushed and bushy this year! Surely you can fill them in a bit, but the idea is to keep them as natural-looking as possible so be sure to be light on the hand! Invest in either a tinted or a clear eyebrow gel to put them in place and comb them thoroughly to get that bushy look. If you want to enhance them a bit, do tiny strokes in the direction of the eyebrows. 

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Voluminous Bob

A trendy hairstyle 2021 is the bob. Yup, according to the trend reports it’s time to cut your hair and go for a voluminous, natural, bob. You should also choose the longer bob for the ultimate trend look. What’s great with a short hairstyle is that it’s often easier to maintain, and it’s also a simple way of creating a new look! If you want to make your look extra trendy, don’t forget to add the hair accessories this year! 

Folks! What’s your thoughts on this trend report beauty 2021? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Beauty 2021 – Trend Report

  1. I love the look of dewy skin! In the summer I always add a bit of peachy blush to my nose. It really does give a nice, sunkissed look!

  2. Hello Mia, I hope you’re having a good week so far 🙂

    I love how you can personalize and take a look to the new level with the help of some beauty products + hacks that can be done by everybody!

    Dewy skin is something I am trying to achieve, but it is kinda difficult with this cold. Hopefully some face masks will help me to achieve that!

    Keep safe!

    1. I had a problem with creating a natural dewy skin too! But I started with niacinamide recently + a moisturizer for really dry skin (mine is not that dry) and my skin is so glowy and dewy! Crushing big time on niacinamide! Xx

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