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Okey folks, we’re sorry to all of you who came here for a #ThrowbackThursday today. But ain’t nobody got time for the past as the future is now. (Don’t worry though, we’ll pin down the makeup of the 90s tomorrow). Well, to the point; for the majority of us it’s back to business that’s on the agenda for the upcoming weeks. May it be for work, school or just the daily life. And before we’ll get all the tips from others, we thought we’d share some quick tips/thoughts on the busy fashion business back to business is!

back to business

Renew your style?

Go ahead and do it we say! People are always chatting about January 1st being a fresh start for the year. We don’t know about that as we’re often in our pajamas sleeping and eating all day. However, nothing breathes a fresh start as perfectly as the beginning of fall! If you already know which style direction you want to head towards, study it, trickle it down and incorporate it in your wardrobe! If you’re moving, entering a new chapter or just doing it fresh this year we do encourage you to do it with the intention of finding your style. Finding a style one is comfortable with is a never ending quest, but at least trying to reach for what works for you will get you somewhat closer. Know what you want, know what it takes, and do it with fierceness!

Chic and stylish?

Or how about chic and comfy? We know, we’re being contradictive here, but folks. Doing uncomfortable clothes a whole day (x 5 times a week)  just for the sake of looking stylish is a no-no. What’s a go-go however, is working your comfy clothes to a stylish level by adding chic accessories, shoes, bags or a makeup look. We don’t know about you, but when clothes and shoes are uncomfortable to the point where our mood and behaviour is affected, we do hear the warning bell ring. Go comfy and chic folks!desk-603022_1920

Buy a new wardrobe?

Or why not develop the one you have? We stated in the beginning of the year that a purchase should be an investment and not an excuse. Take a look at your wardrobe and see what differs from the style you want. Perhaps you already own the same key pieces and just have to add a blazer for a everyday look? Perhaps the gap between the style direction and your wardrobe isn’t miles wide? Do your research before you know what to invest.

Dress for….?

Success of course! Some people will think of this as silly, but few things are as powerful and meaningful as being a few steps ahead. If you have serious work and school goals this year (which will bring new things into your life), why should anyone believe you if you’re still hanging around with your old attitude (clothes that is). Dressing for the life you want to have sends a powerful message to the world and will also empower what you feel. Dress for success folks!

Folks what are your best tips on back to business?

76 thoughts on “Back To Business

  1. I totally agree.. Fall is definitely new start, especially when you’re still in school or uni… It’s always new courses, summers are long and it’s extremely hard for me to get back into the whole uni thing 😀 I love your tips and I will follow most of them, for sure 🙂 x


  2. I have been seeing so many cute fall styles every time I shop. I really can’t believe it is getting to be that season already!! I don’t know if I am ready to say goodbye to the sunshine and swimming yet….

  3. Absolutely love this post babe! Lots of things to think about as Fall is fast approaching and I think one point that really stands out for me is dressing for success. I really love that and totally agree. Even though I don’t need to dress up everyday, I still love to because I envision a certain future for myself. Thanks for sharing babe!

    xoxo Rina

    1. Thank you love, love the love hahah! Dressing for success is so important, going in the style direction that’s in line with your dreams is the way to become and do better! That’s the way to do it, and by showing the world and yourself that you believe in your future, you’ll get there! Xx

  4. Great post – I agree that you should dress for success! Of course I’m self employed, so I could technically work in my pyjamas if I wanted to… but I find that it makes a big difference psychologically if I look and feel my best.

  5. Great post, hun! Honestly, I don’t tend to change up my wardrobe much throughout the year, be it a lazy period or back to business. I enjoy comfortable clothes all year round, although ‘business’ for me is 12 months a year anyway with a full time job. 🙁 <3 x x I wouldn't mind renewing my wardrobe sometime but I don't have the means to atm, plus I'm way more of a makeup than a clothes junkie. 🙂 <3 x


  6. Yet another incredibly helpful and inspiring post and I love the bit of humor in the text, I laughed a few times 🙂 ! I’ve been working to refine my style a bit more and as I’ve been adding more fall pieces to my wardrobe with all the amazing sales that have been going on, I have been keeping the look I want to achieve and maintain in mind, like you’ve suggested. Since I’m moving this weekend, I’ve practically been forced to take close inventory of every piece of clothing I own, which has been incredibly helpful in letting me know what I truly need to add and replace. The fall is my favorite time of year, it’s the season the my birthday falls in, as well as one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving! It’s just a beautiful time all around and I truly can’t wait for it to begin. Then after that, I’ll be ready for summer again, haha! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the most wonderful day ahead, beauty!



    1. Hahah thank you love, so glad to hear that you found it useful and funny, so much love for your support! That’s so lovely to you remain aware of the style direction you’re heading towards when buying new stuff! And a move is always a perfect time to go over old stuff and see what fits the style direction and not! Love fall clothes too as they’re always so fun with the texture, the layering and the chic colors! Thank you love! Xx

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