Articles of September 2018

Can you believe that September is ending on Sunday? I mean, it feels like the only thing I do is summarizing the articles of the months. Anyways, it’s been a fun September with lots of fashion, trends and articles for fall. Also, the new fashion history series started! And next week will be no less than three posts of the fashion weeks: a summary of MFW, review of a PFW collection and a summary of PFW! I mean, doesn’t get any better than that! First though: here’s the articles of September 2018:

Articles of September 2018

Photo by Michel Catalisano on Unsplash

Articles of September 2018

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Folks! Hope you’ve had a lovely September. October is one of the best months of the year according to me, so let’s make this a magical one! /Mia, Xx

12 thoughts on “Articles of September 2018

  1. September was a blink of an eye for me! In my opinion this is one of the juiciest months of the year, always like a new beginning and fashion is one of the main protagonists!

    As usual I enjoyed your articles, specially those related to fashion week 😉

    1. Yes you’re so right! I view september the same way, but my heart is beating even harder for October! Xx

    1. It was a fun fashion season indeed! Yes, October is always a lovely month! Xx

  2. I truly can’t believe September is over this weekend. You and I have both said it to each other over and over this year but the year is FLYING by. Happy October!

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