Articles of March 2020

March was a challenging and difficult month, so let’s hope that April will be a month of good news and progress. From a fashion perspective, March was a fulfilling month with fashion week wrapping up and lots of sneak peeks of the upcoming fall fashion. In case you’ve missed these articles or are in need of some reading with the new home life, here’s a roundup of the articles of March! Click the images to get to the articles.

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Folks! Let’s make the most out of the current situation and help with what we can (stay home!). Here’s to a better April! Xx


6 thoughts on “Articles of March 2020

    1. Thank you love! A winged eyeliner can be so chic, just to practice and practice. Try with tape! Xx

    1. So true! Crazy times indeed. Glad to hear you like the street style fashion! Xx

    1. Indeed! Things feels a bit more optimistic with the spring weather at least! Xx

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